The majority of WoW expansions end after three

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WoTLK Classic Gold 's patch 9.2 Eternity's end has been announced the patch will be "the end of the first book of the World of Warcraft saga," says lead narrative game designer Steve Danuser in a new developer preview.

Patch 9.2 will bring players into the world of Zereth Mortis, described as an area of work for that mythical First Ones, and the center of all creation. The Jailer, the most feared bad guy from this expansion, known as the Shadowlands expansion, seeks to get into the Sepulcher of and the First Ones in order to redefine the rules for creation. Naturally it's the responsibility of the players to stop him, in what is the final mission of the expansion. On the way, players will have to confront Anduin the fallen King of Stormwind who is under the control of the Jailer's sway over the world.

The majority of WoW expansions end after three, or sometimes even four, major content updates before moving on to the next expansion. Based on the statements of Danuser from the official developer preview where it is stated that the Shadowlands expansion tells a tale which is told in three different acts and that this is"the "final episode," it certainly sounds like patch 9.2 will signal the end this expansion. If that's the case, Shadowlands will be the second expansion in the history of the game, alongside Warlords of Draenor which received only two content updates.

The most exciting announcements to be revealed from the developer preview is that the class-based Tier sets are returning after being missing since Legion expansion with cheap WoTLK Gold. The sets will be obtainable in The of the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid PvP,, and Mythicand Dungeons.