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If you're on the East side on the fourth level of Stronghold of Security and looking towards the East

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Secret places. The orb is a way to view many locations which are normally out of range or in a location that should normally be quite distant. Free OSRS gold players are able to look through member's parts of the game and may find interesting facts.

What exactly is NPC? It is a shortcut of Non-Player-Character. Sometimes NPC are not visible when viewing on the map from an orb. This is because NPC are only visible if it is currently on your mini-map. The orb cannot view structures that you aren't able to see on the mini-map. For instance, it is not able to see into the tower on the top that is part of Al Kharid palace. If the player logs off and returns at the very edge of a dungeon area (such like the runecrafting altars), then the player may use the orb to explore other areas. It is not possible to use the orb to access the Fist of Guthix. You will get the message: "You cannot use the orb in battle" in the event that you try to do so. The orb can also't be utilized inside the Corporeal East's dungeon , before you have completed summer's End.

Below is a list of found hidden locations. It was possible for me to look at the Tutorial Island bank from South of the Wizards' Tower however, there were no bankers.

If you are standing in the northern part of the Blast Furnace and using the orb of Oculus to see further North, you can see the Candlelight Chapel which is an old abandoned Random event. What appears to appear to be Gravedigger Random Event, seems to be situated west of it. To the north, Chapel areas that are located to the North-East from Temple Trekking can also be seen. To the east and west of the Furnace, there is a section of caves from The Eagle's Peak quest.

There is a snowy mountain in the spot where the Tree Gnome Village is believed to be, on the upper floor of the Watchtower, after completion of the Watchtower Quest, which could possibly represent Eagle's Peak or simply a glitch.

The 2005 Christmas celebration can be seen East, from the 3rd room of Pyramid Plunder. The agility course that was part of the Halloween celebration of 2007 could be seen in the Easternmost part of the scarab rooms at Uzer Mastaba.

The 2010 Easter celebration can be seen from a barbarian attack. If you're on the East side on the fourth level of Stronghold of Security and looking towards the East, you'll see the former TzHaar Theatre, which was used for the play TzHaarHur-Brekt and is still using the original TzHaar City Graphic.

The Draynor Bank Robbery Cutscene area can be found in Burthorpe Games Room. The Path of Glouphrie Goblin war scene is on display on the East side of the games room.

In the south-west of Sophanem's banking facility, you'll be able to view the damaged version of the bank, only accessible through Contact.

At the far South-East there is a glimpse of a buy RuneScape gold castle with railings that appear to be an area on the North part of the castle during the Holy Grail.

If you look as far to North-East as possible you can see part that appears to be the lower floor of Saradomin's Encampment in the God Wars Dungeon.

If you'd like to access the Player Moderator area, you'll need to look to the South-East.