Black Magic Effects And Symptoms

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A person affected by black magic remains silent and does not come under anyone's control. He does such things which put his life in danger. That person does not care about his life.

According to removing black magic, there has always been discussion in the society about black magic and its effects. Various types of discussions also take place regarding its effects. This is a very ancient knowledge. It is being used by Tantrikas and Aghoris. Special puja takes place during this process. The rules and regulations of this puja mostly remain secret. This is still a mystery.

In this, evil spirits are called Tantriks, they are brought under their control and people are tortured by those evil spirits. For this, they need some things about that person like his hair, clothes, etc. After targeting them, the spirits start harassing that person.

Black magic effects and symptoms

Whenever black magic is done on a person, negative powers come inside him. These powers are sent by Tantrik through black magic. The following symptoms can be observed in a person suffering from black magic:

  • Due to its effect, the internal body of the person and the person starts rotting. Its effect is very frightening. This causes sudden changes in a person's nature and health. He starts falling ill and becomes irritable.

  • There are changes in the body of the affected person and also his nails start turning black and keep growing.

  • The effect of black magic is seen not only on the person but also at home. The trees and plants growing in the house start drying up, especially the Tulsi plant, which is taken the most care of in the house, starts drying up and dying.

  • A person affected by black magic remains silent. And this is not in anyone's control. He does such work in which his life is in danger. That person does not care about his life.

  • A person suffering from black magic starts having a headache suddenly and then it subsides, this keeps happening.

  • A person suffering from black magic experiences pain all over the body, that too without any reason and this happens again and again.

  • If you are suffering from black magic then you will always have pain in your back, neck, kidney, etc. You will feel as if your entire body is burning as if it is on fire.

  • You are having pain in your back and kidneys. If you are having frequent urination and a burning sensation in your eyes, then you are still vulnerable to it.

  • If you are suffering from black magic then your heart will keep beating continuously. You will have difficulty breathing. Sometimes chest pain can also become a cause for concern.

  • Your heart beating fast and feeling as if you are having trouble breathing can also bother you. Persistent pain in your chest can also be a symptom of this.'

  • A person suffering from black magic will become weak due to lack of blood. The face will turn pale and hands and legs will become weak. You will feel hungry again and again, food will be digested quickly, but the body will become weak.

  • There will be no happiness in the life of the suffering person, the experience of happiness will end. You will become pessimistic and feel lonely despite everything.

  • No medicine will be useful in treating the suffering person, the treatment will be unsuccessful and the disease will not be detected. 

  • A person suffering from black magic never gets any work done. You will not get results even after hard work. Enemies will become stronger, there will be obstacles in every work, and there will be domestic troubles and unrest at home. The will to live will disappear and no goal will be achieved. If you find out that you are suffering from black magic then you should sprinkle cow urine all over your house, because it is written in the scriptures that cow urine is sacred and thirty-three crore gods and goddesses reside in the cow.



Today science has progressed a lot. Times have changed a lot as compared to earlier. But there are some things which have been going on for centuries. One of these things is black magic.  Nowadays very few people believe in this. However, the empire of black magic still exists in many places in the country. If you want to know more about black magic then you can take an online astrology consultation.