Diablo 2: Resurrected Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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The first thing to do in Diablo2 Resurrected is choosing a class. But, it is unfortunately for players to learn the exact description of different classes in the game

Diablo 2: Resurrected is now available on PC and consoles, and it brings the classic action-RPG to modern platforms--the consoles being the most notable of the bunch, given the original was only ever available on PC. And while it has gotten a visual overhaul and some other quality-of-life improvements, it's a largely faithful remake of a two-decade-old game. As such, you can expect it to generally be less friendly to players than Diablo 3--if that's your only exposure to the series thus far, prepare for Resurrected to tell you a whole lot less, kick your teeth in, and then make you walk--not run--away because you've run out of stamina.

You Should Choose A Good Class at first

The first thing to do in Diablo2 Resurrected is choosing a class. But, it is unfortunately for players to learn the exact description of different classes in the game. There are only brief description of each class for players to identify the advantages and disadvantages of each class. Players can only decide to choose classes only by their looks. On the other hand, if you have chosen a class for your character, you have no chance to exchange another class. So, choosing a good class is not easy for players at first.

There are some good classes for novice players to choose. Players are often attracted by the powerful class. For instance, the Sorceress is deeply relying on spellcasting and mana, and very frail in the combat, which make it become a challenging character in the game. The teleport ability plays an important role in the advantage of this character. The Paladins can bear more of attack and heal himself without potions. The Necromancers can convene a group of minions who can not only make damage, but also distract enemies attacks. They can make you live longer in the battle with bosses.


Builds are an extension of the class system, and let players tailor their heroes more to their own playstyle. Since Diablo 2 has been around for over twenty years, players have had plenty of fun building their own unique offensive options.

Take the “Javazon” for example, a versatile Amazon character that’s ideal for burning through bosses and the secret cow level alike (did we mention? There’s a secret cow level), or the “Wind Druid” that makes the Druid class a devastating force for clearing enemies with area of effect attacks.

The fun of Diablo is in making your monster-killing machine more powerful and effective, so be sure to experiment as much as you can. Wondering which classes and builds dominate? Here’s a handy tier list.

You’ll also find yourself wanting to farm some specific items to work on your builds. Thankfully, Maxroll.gg has a nifty drop calculator that can help you work out your chances of earning that sweet loot you’re after. It’s absolutely essential for serious dungeon divers.

Use A Skill Calculator

It's hard to envision at the beginning of character creation exactly which skills can be the best during the endgame for any class, but a calculator will certainly help bridge the divide. This does more than just give players a template of how to level up.

This will also tell players how skills change once they are leveled. Some damage abilities don't actually do more damage with more points, rather, the radius or duration of the effect will increase. Players shouldn't be afraid to customize somebody else's calculations, but at least it gives them a good idea of where to start.

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