Insights on the GCC Pharmaceutical Logistics Market to 2027

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The most recent study from MarkNtel Advisors, " GCC Pharmaceutical Logistics Market Analysis, 2027," analyzes growth factors, obstacles, opportunities, and demand scenarios among other things to provide a complete analysis of historical, current, and predicted trends in the sec

The most recent study from MarkNtel Advisors, " GCC Pharmaceutical Logistics Market Analysis, 2027," analyzes growth factors, obstacles, opportunities, and demand scenarios among other things to provide a complete analysis of historical, current, and predicted trends in the sector. It also lists the size of the market now and in the coming years.

The research study predicts that the GCC Pharmaceutical Logistics Market will have a 7% CAGR over the forecast period (2022-27.) The basis year for the research study is 2021, and the historical period under consideration is 2017-20. Several graphs and tables are used to illustrate the industry insights in order to give key stakeholders a comprehensive understanding of the sector and aid in the expansion of their scalability in the future.

For the purpose of assessing the many aspects influencing market growth, Porter's Five Forces model was employed. The research also includes a thorough examination of market attractiveness, including information on the most and least profitable market.

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Major Motivators for Purchasing the Research

-By understanding the various factors influencing the market dynamics, firms may develop business growth strategies with the aid of the "GCC Pharmaceutical Logistics Market Analysis, 2027" study.

-It would also aid in their understanding of current trends, important growth drivers and restrictions, and prospective industry rivalry.

-Become familiar with the market's numerous partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and licensing activities.

- Recognize the performance of the top players across several end-user verticals.

-Be aware of the key performance indicators that will have the biggest impact on the direction of GCC Pharmaceutical Logistics Market's growth throughout 2022-27

Covid-19 Impact Analysis

This section of the report covers the different shifts that occurred in the growth trajectory of  the market  with the advent of Covid-19 in 2020, including the various changes in end-user demand buying patterns. Our research analysts are constantly interacting with the industry experts to monitor the rapidly changing market dynamics and present the most recent information to the key stakeholders in the industry. It would aid them in taking appropriate measures to sustain themselves in the market if any such situation reoccurs over the forthcoming years.

Competitive Landscape of GCC Pharmaceutical Logistics Market

The market research offers a complete analysis of the top industry players based on their market shares, advancements, methods for generating income, as well as their mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures. When creating company profiles, the following criteria were taken into account: Product/Service Offerings

- Latest Trends Developments

-Key Performance Indicators

-Risk Analysis

-SWOT Analysis


The leading firms involved in the sector are listed below in citation form:

-Kuehne+Nagel -Aramex


-Emirates SkyCargo


-RHS Logistics

-Nawara Transportation Freight Co.

-Kerry Logistics Middle East LLC

-Yusen Logistics (Middle East) LLC

-Mosanada Logistics Services

-Oriental Commercial and Shipping Co. Ltd.


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Segmentation Analysis of the GCC Pharmaceutical Logistics Market

This study also includes a thorough analysis of all GCC Pharmaceutical Logistics Market segments based on past, present, and future trends, which will aid readers and stakeholders in understanding the most important factors that could have an impact on the market's growth trajectory in 2022-27 .

Based on Mode of Transport (Route):




Based on Product Type

-General Drugs Medicines

-Surgical Goods Medical Devices

-Chemical Pharma Products

-Bio-Pharma Specialized Pharma Products

Based on Service Type

-Transportation Freight Forwarding



-Value Added Services (Inventory management, Packaging, Labelling, etc.)

-Others (Customs Brokerage, Marketing, Call Support)

Based on Storage Type


-Ultra-frozen (Less than 0°C)

-Chilled (1°C - 10°C)

-Air-conditioned (Above 11°C)


Based on Logistics Provider Type

-3PL (Third-Party)

-4PL (Fourth-Party)

-Integrated Logistics

Based on End Users



-Pharmaceutical companies


Based on By Country

-The UAE

-Saudi Arabia





-Rest of GCC

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Note : All information cited in this study was meticulously gathered through primary and secondary research by our team of analysts working with subject matter specialists. Additionally, MarkNtel Advisors provides clients with bespoke report services that are targeted to their own needs and include unbiased trustworthy data about the market dynamics in a given industry, region, or rival.

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