Regional Driving School, Driving Instructors in Bendigo

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Regional Driving School is a new force in the training of Learner Drivers in regional Bendigo in Victoria. Our training is always on Safety! Call us - 0421 456 425

Regional Driving School is a new force in the training of Learner Drivers in regional Bendigo in Victoria. Our training is always on Safety! Call us - 0421 456 425

While Picking THE RIGHT Teacher


The organizer behind Territorial Driving School was both ex-Police/VicRoads Permit Analyzer.


Be prepared by an ex-Police/VicRoads Analyzer. Figure out how to drive securely from a specialist in both driving and testing.

OUR Wellbeing Concentration

Having center around wellbeing will expand your experience and make you a superior driver!


Hour long Lesson60 Minute Example

Our standard examples are of one hour term Individual illustrations $65 each Prepaid 5-illustration bundle $300 Prepaid 10-illustration bundle $550

Permit TestLicence Test

This incorporates both a 60 minutes "warm-up" example and the VicRoads driving permit test itself which follows the illustration. (Actually this doesn't... Driving Instructors Bendigo

MEET OUR Teacher

Ross is both a previous Victoria Cop and approved VicRoads Permit Analyzer. As a Cop, Ross gained from Police driving teachers and has experience driving in numerous unsafe circumstances, frequently outrageous. He knows the street regulations and can unload this broad driving information and mindfulness for street security to new student drivers. He has an extraordinary capacity to educate and keeps a quiet, casual setting in the preparation vehicle. Ross holds an Endorsement IV in Driver Preparing Guidance and a Working with Kids Grant.


Provincial Driving School is another power in the preparation of Student Drivers in territorial Victoria. Our accentuation, our concentration, the actual quintessence of our preparation is generally on Wellbeing!

Our pioneer, Ross, has numerous long periods of driving involvement with the Victoria Police, and furthermore quite a while as an approved Vicroads Permit Analyzer. Bendigo Driving School

Having seen direct the grievous consequences of unfortunate driving practices ordinarily, he has laid out "Provincial Driving School" with the end goal of working on the overall norm of street wellbeing on Victorian streets. This incorporates bearing the cost of student drivers the valuable chance to drive on all street surfaces one can sensibly hope to track down in provincial Victoria, and in all suitable atmospheric conditions, as well as the chance to encounter late evening driving.

We additionally show the student, as well as those more established drivers wishing to "revive" their driving abilities and street information, such essential security standards as risk acknowledgment, hole choice, horizontal situating, speed control, utilization of mirrors and any remaining vital models for safe driving.

With a personal information on the Vicroads prerequisites for giving driving licenses, combined with areas of strength for us on wellbeing, Provincial Driving School is the ideal decision for your driver preparing needs.

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