Is it cheaper to buy insurance online?

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Buying an life insurance policy online is significantly cheaper Let us look at the factors that determine the cost of a policy

A decade ago, notices like these were a common sight on gates across the country. The arrival of e-commerce led to the decline of deals people. These people used to go from house to house dealing with consumer products. also, hoardings of insurance agents were a common sight across the country. They can still be set up in suburban areas and small municipalities. The insurance agent may soon meet the salesman’s fate.

 Fleetly evolving technologies and their adding relinquishment by insurers have changed the dynamics of the entire sector. The surging penetration of mobile phones has made getting in touch with guests veritably easy for companies, which has reduced the part of interposers. Enhancements in online payment systems and the use of advanced security tools have made deals secure, taking care of client apprehension. Factors like these, along with the added convenience, have incompletely contributed to the growth of online insurance programs in India. But the single biggest factor for the success of online programs is their low cost.

Why is buying insurance online cheaper?

No Agent Commission

When you buy an insurance policy online you buy it directly from the insurer and no interposers are involved. Interposers or insurance agents charge a commission from the insurance company on every policy vended. The commission gets added to the cost for the client. The absence of the agent results in cost reduction by 18- 20 per cent. Buying a policy online is veritably simple and hassle-free. Anyone who's comfortable shopping online will fluently be suitable to buy a policy online.

Operation Processing Cost

A lot of charges like operating a branch, printing operations and getting the documents vindicated physically gets laterally added to the decoration of a policy. When you buy an insurance plan offline company labour force is needed to help you with entering the details. These effects are a substantial expenditure for an insurer. In the case of online insurance, the stoner directly feeds his data into the company’s system and no mortal resource is needed. By barring these eclectic costs, an insurance company can save up to 2- 3 per cent on dealing a policy. For case, you can buy colourful online plans from unborn Generali India Life Insurance Company at a lower price than a similar policy offline.

Quality of Disclosure

Suppose two of your musketeers — Chandan and Piyush — ask you for some plutocrat, but you can advance only to one of them. Now you're completely apprehensive of Piyush’s background and fiscal condition but Chandan isn't veritably forthright with his situation. Who'll you advance the plutocrat to? Almost people will trust Piyush with their plutocrat. Insurance companies operate on an analogous premise, guests who give clearer information are more likely to get their claims settled, whenever it arises. Generally, agents or bank directors fill in the details for guests in case of physical forms. They're more likely to leave out some details which gain a lot of significance at the time of agreement. While buying an online plan, guests directly deal with the insurer and give more detailed information. This gives a clearer picture to insurance companies which reduces the threat for them. The lower threat for insurers transforms into lower decorations for policyholders.

More Mortality decorations

Insurance companies take into account client biographies to decide insurance decoration rates. Grounded on factors like age, gender, occupation, income, life, habits, family history, and health guests are grouped into broad orders. For case, life insurance decorations for people in dangerous occupations will be more advanced than other people. also, insurers themselves work on the premise that people who buy programs online have a lower mortality threat than people who conclude offline programs. A lower mortality threat results in lower decoration for online guests. 


When you buy a policy online you get all the information related to the plan without any exceptions. From the nonsupervisory conditions to the yearly decorations, everything is clear. interposers like agents frequently give limited options, while unlimited online programs can be compared side by side, which helps in making an informed decision. Translucency doesn't directly make an insurance policy less precious, but it helps in choosing a cheaper plan.


Though online programs come with numerous benefits, a policy should always be chosen after taking fiscal pretensions into account. Online programs also don't have any premonitory involved and the onus of conducting proper exploration falls on the client.