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Golden Goose to look

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Golden Goose to look


An evergreen style, our Super-Star is updated from season to season with exclusive finishes and materials. "People don't want to look too precious any more, and don't want Golden Goose to look like they're trying too hard," concluded Larroude. Tonal signature star leather applique at outer sides.

With our sneakers, we're carrying forward our idea of style. Textile logo patch at padded tongue. Inspired by the world of basketball, the style of the Slide sneakers is updated with unexpected details and special treatments. Certain features, such as animal prints, are in our DNA and come in various finishes such as this version with leopard-print pony skin insert on the top section.

Padded collar. V-Star Sneakers with snake-print vertical strip and blue laces. Smudging, distressing, and perforated detailing throughout. Sequinned heel tab in black. "Too far" is where Golden Goose went in 2016 and again in 2018 when they released a pair of sneakers that looked more weather-worn than usual: in fact, what made these shoes distinct was the use of what appeared to be silvery duct tape keeping the shoes from falling to pieces.

Signature buffed nappa leather star applique in red at outer side. Purestar sneakers with blue heel tab. For us, being creative is synonymous with uniqueness: with this sneaker we took our most iconic silhouette, and gave it Golden Goose Deluxe Brand different twists to make it even more special.

Perforated detailing at sides. Textured rubber midsole in off-white. I get questions all the time like which Golden Goose sneakers to buy, are Golden Goose sneakers worth it, and do Golden Goose ever go on sale?. Suede trim in red at outer side. Logo patch at padded tongue.

Logo flag at padded tongue. We take Golden Goose Womens our idea of style to a new level with our sneakers. Handcrafted low-top paneled grained leather and denim sneakers in brown and blue. Textile logo patch in black at tongue. Round toe. Two-tone Superstar sneakers in leather and copper suede.

Handcrafted low-top buffed calfskin sneakers in white. I have seen them in passing, and they totally caught my eye. I think it's also important to note that these sneakers are hand made with high-quality Italian leather, which also justifies the higher price point.