Golden abacus

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Her mother was also a poor, soft-tempered woman who had married a man like her father and had hardly had

Her mother was also a poor, soft-tempered woman who had married a man like her father and had hardly had a good day. She watched her mother die day by day. When her mother died, she swore that she would rather die than live like her mother. But sometimes, as fate would have it, when she was fourteen years old, her father once went to Chuang Tzu in the suburbs of Beijing to admire the lotus, and unexpectedly met a scholar who was congenial to him. Her father even called that man a confidant and wanted to betroth her to that man as his wife. She was scared to death. She secretly went to Chuang Tzu to have a look. Far away, she could smell the putrid odor emanating from the man's body. She felt sick. When she returned home, she went to beg her stepmother. At that time, her grandmother was already ill, and she could no longer bother her. She could only kneel on the ground and beg her stepmother, who had just entered the house. Later, however, the situation was somewhat out of control. Her stepmother had a big quarrel with her father about her marriage, and her father remained the same. She was almost desperate, after all, her stepmother could not disobey her father. Her stepmother has done her best to marry her husband. She thought of her mother, and her mind was full of her mother's dead eyes. She found a rope and hung it on the roof beam. She didn't want to live like her mother. She would rather cut herself off than die slowly like her mother. But what she didn't expect was that she didn't die in the end. She had put the rope around her neck,die casting parts, and there was only one last kick left. Just then, her stepmother pushed the door open and came in. Seeing that she was going to cut herself off, her stepmother was so angry that she stepped on the stool at her feet. yuan Niang couldn't help laughing when she thought of her stepmother. Her stepmother was a good person. "If my mother hadn't changed the Geng Tie with the Yan family privately, how could I have the present life?" "Remembering the past again?" When Yan Ming entered the room, he happened to hear what his wife had said. He laughed and joked, "Are you recalling the bitterness and thinking of the sweetness?" Chapter 6 yuan Niang heard the sound and looked up at the door. She didn't come down from the couch either. "I'm back." "Well," Yan Ming's appearance is not outstanding, but he has a bookish flavor. He has been an official for so many years, and he is getting older and older. "It will be sealed in a few days. I will accompany you to Bo Fu again. I can accompany you for only a few days all the year round." "You still have a conscience." yuan Niang no longer sat on the couch. She got off the couch and came to Yan Ming. She took the hot towel from the servant girl's hand and wiped his hands and face. "In a few days, set up a banquet and let Sun Shi cross the Ming Road." When she said this, titanium machining parts ,metal stamping parts, she lowered her head and looked very sad. Yan Ming raised his hand and stroked yuan Niang's black hair. "How did you figure it out?" yuan Niang smiled helplessly and looked up at Yan Ming. Her eyes were moist. "I can't make it difficult for you. I still understand that." Looking at yuan Niang's eyes, Yan Ming felt a little sour in his heart. He took yuan Niang's shoulder and said, "It's just a concubine. Let's eat and drink well. You can rest assured that I won't have a good time with Fu Tianming. When Fu Tianming leaves the Ministry of Personnel, we'll send Sun Shi away immediately." That Sun Shi is not a good look, he is really afraid that the woman will destroy the home he has been guarding with his heart. Are you willing to give up? yuan Niang was a little happy and in the mood to tease. I wouldn't like her like that. "Yan Ming was relieved to see a smile on his wife's face." What kind of woman do you like? yuan Niang grabbed Yan Ming's skirt and winked at him charmingly. Yan Ming approached her sensibly, hugged her waist and said, "I like my wife like this." After Laba, the Chinese New Year is not far away. This day, after Wu Niang paid her respects to her mother, she went back to Zhi yuan. After washing and tidying up, she went straight to the couch and lay down. After a while, Mammy Hao went into Zhi yuan with a big bundle in her arms. She came to Wu Niang and said, "The old slave pays his respects to the five girls." "Get up," said Wu Niang, holding a small heater in her arms. "Go and make a cup of tea for Mammy Hao to warm her up. ” "The old slave thanks the five girls. The five girls don't have to bother. The old slave will leave soon." Mammy Hao is an unsmiling woman. She was brought by Mi Shi from her mother's home. She is very trusted by Mi Shi. Uncle Hao is her man. "This is the account book of several sixteen shops in the capital this year. Please check it with the five girls." Wu Niang saw Mammy Hao put the bundle in her arms on the Kang and opened it, revealing several thick stacks of account books inside. She nodded: "Put it first. I'll look at it later." "Good." Mammy Hao was going to retire, but Wu Niang stopped her. "Mammy, give the steward in the shop three more months' wages for the Chinese New Year this year, and the waiter will give him two more months. Each of them will weigh ten catties of rice, five catties of white flour, and five catties of pork. Let them go home and have a good New Year." Wu Niang has always been a generous master, never save on wages, after all, want the horse to run fast and want the horse not to eat grass, that is impossible. Hearing this, Mammy Hao finally had a little smile on her face: "The old slave thanked the five girls for the guys." The five girls are also transparent. The business of the sixteen shops in the capital has always been good. This is good because the five girls have been pressing. After Mammy Hao left, Ying Xiang came out of the small study on the side with a golden abacus in her hand and walked up to Wu Niang. "Girl, are you going to start checking now or wait a while?" Wu Niang looked at the abacus made of pure gold that Ying Xiang was holding. There was some warmth on her face. It was a gift from her elder sister for her tenth birthday. "Just put it here. I'll start checking it now." Ying Xiang knew that although her master was a little undisciplined, she never procrastinated in what she should do: "Well, the maidservant will put it away for you." After a while, Wu Niang sat cross-legged on the edge of the Kang,deep draw stamping, holding the account book in one hand and the abacus in the other. She saw two eyes staring at the account book, five fingers of her right hand flying, and immediately there was a "crackling" bead crash in the room.