Hut among the Bamboos

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Hut among the BamboosHut among the BamboosHut among the Bamboos

The moon looked at her sword to kill him, the sky red light reflected his picturesque face, only to see him slowly closed his eyes, stretched out his arms, put down the moonlight sword in his hand, without any counterattack waiting for the sword to attack. He knew that it was a sword given to her by her late husband, and now the sword was broken, but it was many times more powerful than before. Teenager thought, if his death can wake her up, when the moment of blood stained sword, can let her find her own consciousness, for her to die, then what's the harm? "Poof!" Faster than he had imagined, the broken sword pierced his heart mercilessly, and a mouthful of blood spurted out and splashed on the sword and on the body of the red flame. Pure blood gas into the body, strands of fairy gas also followed into the body of the red flame, in her body bit by bit to flow through. Moon Mingming stroked his heart and knelt on one knee slowly. He smiled gently and looked at the woman in red with tears in her eyes. Her face was clearly a dark face. Although she was dressed in red like blood, her face was splashed with blood gushing from his heart. He wanted to reach out to help her wipe it off, but he could not touch the face that he had been thinking about day and night. He seemed to forget the pain of the loss of fairy blood, but called her name softly, "You, you, you.." Over and over again. Until his voice was so hoarse that he could not shout any more. The author has something to say: Tut, at the end of my writing, I wrote myself so much that my nose was running and my tears were coming out. I gave myself to that. Haha ~ Chapter 40. She seemed to hear the call of the young man, and she struggled to get out, to break free from those demons. This made the red flame have a splitting headache again. She struggled several times with a tangled look on her face. Suddenly, she trembled and pulled out the sword that had pierced the clear heart of the moon. The hot fairy blood on her heart splashed on her body and was waking her up and purifying her bit by bit. The sword just fell from her hand and fell to the ground. She had a splitting headache that made her gradually unable to hold the sword. She held her head in both hands and cried out in pain. The body is red for a while and white for a while,Planetary Gear Motor, half evil, half light. She was suffering from inhuman torment, just as when the demon king Canglan put her into the well of ten thousand demons and sacrificed her with the blood of seven, seven and forty-nine demons. But the final result is the opposite, the blood sacrifice makes her demonize and lose herself, and now it is to let her wash her marrow and find herself. The moon climbed up to her, grabbed her hand at the right time, and used all her strength to give her the immortal spirit on her body. He was the brightest light in the moon, and also the most pure and transparent light, which was being transformed by the muddy evil spirit. Demon king Canglan saw this, hurriedly out of the ruthless move, a blow to the small sun let him can be defeated, he hurriedly flew to the side of the red flame, praised her, "red flame, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, you kill well!" Said, but also directed at the moon without the power to fight back and hit a palm out, and then make a gesture to pull the red flame back, can be caught off guard, his red flame after hearing that kill well and see him hit a palm teenager, suddenly turned back to pick up the sword on the ground, eyes fierce, a sword and mercilessly stabbed into the heart of the demon king Canglan. Thorn more than the moon! This sword is no longer the ordinary mortal sword before, the red flame has refined it, although not completely refined, the lethality is not so powerful, but it can still hurt the body of immortals and demons. Demon King Canglan looked at Red Flame in surprise. "Red Flame, what are you doing?" He was very puzzled, raised his hand to pull out the sword, but his red flame crazy general, and the broken sword into his body deeper, inch by inch the broken sword completely into the body of the demon king Canglan, at the same time step by step forced him to retreat! It was as if she had picked him up with her sword and forced him back. Go to hell A red and white look roared out coldly. She cast a spell to pull out the sword, and then again into the body of the demon king Canglan, in this cycle, as if to vent hatred, in revenge! "I will not allow you to hurt him!" Youzhao's eyes were red again. The eyes of the Demon King Canglan also instantly condensed layers of anger, and he shook hard, shaking out the broken sword that had been stabbed into his body, and at the same time shaking Youzhao back several steps. He saw that her red and white clothes gradually changed back to a white dress, as if she had returned to the cold, her long hair fluttering in the wind, her white clothes stained with blood, reflecting a scene of death. And listen to her "ah" a loud cry, long hair flying into the sky, suddenly holding a sword to the demon king Canglan attack. The slim and tall figure was spinning rapidly in the air. The sword flower rolled up the gale and aimed at the Demon King Canglan. The Demon King Canglan endured the pain in his heart and waved his hands several times. His cruel voice could not hide his disappointment: "Red Flame, Red Flame, you really let me down. I have done so much for you. In the end, you were robbed of consciousness and wanted to protect that man!" A cold hum, "I am not a red flame, I am a dark!" She woke up, she finally came to her senses! The moon fell to the ground and laughed with relief, even though his fairy blood was about to run out, but it didn't matter, as long as she found herself! Demon King Canglan clenched his fist and looked at Youyou, "You woman!"! What an ungrateful person! "Since you are unjust to me, don't blame me for being heartless!" He had been stabbed by her, and the little affection he had left for her had been pierced by her sword, not to mention that she was no longer a red flame! His palms condensed the power of heaven and earth for his use, and sent out a fierce blow to Youyou. He could not get the people, even if he destroyed them,Brushless Gear Motor, he would not let others get them! The blow with which he gathered all his strength was enough to kill Youzhao. Youzhao waved his sword to resist. He waved several swords in succession. The situation between heaven and earth changed for a while, and the two men had the potential to perish together. The moon cried out to her in a heart-rending way: "No, Youzhao!" But it was too late. She spurted a mouthful of blood from her mouth and was hit far away by the Demon King. It was like a butterfly with broken wings tottering from the air. The broken sword in her hand was completely destroyed by the Demon King. It turned into a wisp of flying ashes and dissipated in the air with the wind. She herself was seriously injured.