How to charge the Power stations and generators?
What are the applications of solar storage batteries at home?
What are the uses of portable power storage system outdoors?
鈼?Provide lighting at night.
鈼?Power your tablet PC, notebook PC, Phones, and other consumption electronic products .
鈼?Backup your car fridge in order to keep food fresh.
鈼?Backup portable electric cooker and kettle to cook food and heat water.
鈼?Backup your Room Vehicle on trip.
Backup for emergency use.
Backup for portable charging and rescue
Backup for aerial photography
鈼?Specially designed for U.S. and Japan grid standards.
Powerful Monitoring Platform
鈼?Visual interface, real-time monitoring of product status
鈼?User data security
鈼?Remote software program upgrade, fault diagnosis, quick background product maintenance
鈼?Support for local debugging

PC Internet MornitorAPP (iOs/Android) monitoring
Working theory:
UBird-X 3KW series Portable Power Storage System can connect with solar panels, grid, diesel generator and load, with built-in LFP battery, pure sine wave and off-grid inverter and EMS . It has three working modes, SOL (Solar first), UEI (Utility first), SBU (Solar-Battery-Utility). For the three working modes and UPS function, which make it use very easy and flexible.
Product Size (L 脳 W 脳D)mm656*516*230mm
Battery Weight 48KG
Grid PhaseSingle Phase; Pure sine wave
Battery Capacity3400Wh
Grid Power3000W
Grid Voltage/Range100/110/120Vac
Off Grid Power3000W
BatteryLiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Max. MPPT Input Power /Open circuit Voltage/Voltage Range2400W / 450V / 120~430V
Product Details:
LCD screen to display the status of the portable storage battery working.
Output: AC output socket X 2PCS and AC input/output Sockets.
Solar panel Input socket;
Product Package and Shipment:
Note: Package: 1 set per carton, 500PCS Per 40 feet Container. Shipping only by sea!
Aftersales Service:
Warranty: 2 years free.
Prepared by Upower Electric:
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