Freight Service fee 1. Quotation: According to the main information such as the destination of the goods transported to other countries or regions, the weight, quantity, and volume of the goods, as well as the customers' needs for time and services, we can provide you with your designated airport and appropriate air freight quotation. 2. Booking: According to the cargo situation, delivery time, and the client's requirements, ULINK will book the air freight space with the airline in advance, confirm the flight information of the cargo, and provide the customer with the warehouse address accordingly. 3. Single check: According to the consignee, consignor, cargo and other information provided by the customer, submit the bill of lading information to the airline, and we will repeatedly confirm the accuracy of the check information. 4. Warehouse warehousing: The goods will be delivered to our designated warehouse, and you will get the information we provide for picking up the goods, or you can entrust us to arrange home delivery, and the warehouse will confirm the final cost according to the weight and volume of the goods. 5. Customs declaration: According to the documents provided by the customer, the goods will be submitted to the customs to arrange the transportation of the goods. 6. Settlement: According to the final billable weight and other miscellaneous expenses, confirm the export cost of this batch of goods by air. Different cargo attributes have different requirements for the choice of transportation methods, but basically you can refer to the nature of the freight, time frame and budget.Freight Service fee website: