best songs in sing 2

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1. "Your Song Saved My Life", U2, 3:31 · 2. "Let's Go Crazy". Tori Kelly · Taron Egerton · 3. "Can't Feel My Face", Kiana Ledé, 3:21 · 4. "Goodbye Yellow Brick ...


Makes Tough Things Seem Easier - I am a runner. Although I run several times each week, running is never easy for me. So I put some very upbeat, fast paced songs on my iPod. Instead of thinking about how tiring my workout is, I focus on the rhythm and beat of the songs. The songs inspire me to run longer and they make the workout seem easier.

Lifts Up Your Mood - Sometimes you can feel really down in the dumps. You might try to talk yourself into feeling better with only moderate success. When that happens to me, I find that putting on some very positive songs in sing 2 can change my mood very quickly. These inspirational songs help me feel better about the things that are going on in my life.

Inspires You to Take Action - Some songs can help you believe in yourself and in your ability to achieve your goals. One of my favorite songs which does that is "I Believe I Can Fly" by R Kelly. When I hear the words, 'If I can see it, then I can do it, If I just believe it, there's nothing to it,' I am ready to take action towards my goal because I feel that I can really accomplish it.

Helps You Deal With Stress - There are times when life gets so challenging, you can easily become overwhelmed. If you take the time to listen to the right songs, they can help you feel more relaxed and at peace. When I find myself in this state, I turn on songs with inspiring words and a slow beat. Then I sit down, close my eyes, breathe deeply, and listen. It helps me release the stress from my mind and body. I feel more peaceful and able to deal with whatever is in front of me.