Boulevard Animal Hospital

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Hutchinson Island is minutes away from Boulevards Animal Clinic and is the premier veterinary clinic for surgery for dogs and cats. Should your pet require the best veterinary care for an orthopedic issue you can trust the expertise and staff at Boulevard Animal Clinic.

Did You Know About Your Pets Dental Health?

Dog Dentistry
Dr. Diamond treats periodontal disease, the number one disease seen in dogs in Hutchinson Island. Adult dogs have 42 permanent molars. We take care of them all at Boulevard Animal Hospital.

Cat Dentistry
Your cat has 30 permanent teeth, and needs the attention of a veterinarian. Periodontal disease can cause cats to experience red, inflamed and tender gums. Your pet may experience bleeding or bad breath. Eventually your pet will lose teeth. Inflammation and infections associated with periodontal disease can cause damage to vital internal organs. Taking care of teeth means caring for the heart, liver and kidneys of our beloved pets. Visit us today if you are located in Hutchinson Island. Take care of your pets teeth!