You've arrived at your first tiny island

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After you've completed the main Lost Ark Gold of the continent that is the first in Lost Ark, you receive an ocean vessel. From then on you're free to wander the seas in any direction you'd like. But, before you embark on a voyage to the closest island, it'sadvisable to do your blue World Quest on Tortoyk (northeast of Luterra) first. This will assist you in getting up to item level 250 which is the level of item recommended for the first Lost Ark islands.

Once you're all set then hover over each island on the map and you'll see the recommended level for the item The number of Mokoko seeds, combat kind (PvE or PvP) and whether or not you've obtained The Island Soul. In addition, you'll find the time to enter the island. In light of that, we could approximate classify Lost Ark islands into four kinds:

Permanent PvE Islands. The most frequent type. simply visit them whenever you desire to.

Time-limited islands. They are only accessible to islands during specific time periods. Hover over the island's name to see the times.

PvP islands. They're always available or scheduled, but there's always PvP within these islands. Be sure to recognize them by their crossed swords icons located on the map.

Adventure islands. Special co-op events that happen only once a day.

So, you've arrived at your first tiny island. What's next? Even though every Lost Ark island is unique They'll typically allow any or all of the following activities:

Complete quests. Sometimes it's a prominent exclamation mark on the map, but the quests can also be concealed.

Visit merchants and NPCs. Numerous islands house Merchants as well as NPCs. The latter come with distinct Lost Ark Gold for sale be sure to stay on the island until you've taken a look.