I'm guessing that during the holidays

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We're still WoTLK Classic Gold exploring the space. There are a few answers to these questions - how often they should occur and the number we need to have response has been very positive. It varies from one micro-holiday to the next. There were some that had more participants in these than others. The reason for this was largely to do with how long the micro-holiday lasts or, in some instances it was how far and difficult it was to reach. We observed a lot of participants in the salute-a guard day simply because it was located in Orgrimmar as well Stormwind or one city in your capital. you could say "salute the guard" and take part in the holiday. However, the event was similar to Hatching or the Hippogryphs did not have as many participants took part since you needed to fly all the way to Feralas for it to be able to enjoy the opportunity.

However, that's fine for micro-holidaystoo. We deliberately designed micro-holidays to make them feel like something you choose to participate in. It doesn't make you feel like you must take part in this event unless you really want to. For an event such as Hatching of Hippogryphs the only thing you receive as a reward the hippogryph's baby who is seated on your shoulders for the next five or six days. There's not 500 gold or 100 million artifact power , or something like this. For most people, it means that they aren't interested in these things because they'd like to gain that power from artifacts. That's fine however there are many people who are extremely attracted by a baby hippogryph on their shoulders and are willing to hunt it for it.

I'm guessing that during the holidays you'll get a great insight into who is the one who begins the festivities for them and who manages and finishes them. Are you surprised with the success of one of them? Or similarly it was surprising that people weren't so interested in the holiday you thought was likely to be a huge success?

We've been shocked by the level of popularity we've observed of these. One of the fascinating things about this is that you can find a variety of people who are fascinated by various micro-holidays. It's not only the same few people who are operating these events. As an example, many of the people who decided to take part in the Glowcap Festival were those who were more focused on reputation management because the event offered a prize that was a permanent reward for your character. It was the Sporeggar  buy WoTLK Classic Gold reputation.

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