For example that any Stones of Jordan sold

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The developers announced it was likely that Patch 2.4 would return to the PTR following some behind-the-scenes work in D2R Ladder Items March, and as of March 2 the PTR will go live again. Changes introduced in the first instance of Patch 2.4 are still in use but new features are being added on.Notably this time, the PTR session includes testing to ladder-based functionality.

A ladder season is currently being imitated to its fullest as ladder chats, leaderboard, and separate stashes being added. It's been noted that after the completion of a time-based ladder, gamers must wait until the start of the season after next to transfer their ladder items to a non-ladder stash.Another major change is Uber Diablo.

In the past, spawning Uber Diablo required a certain number of Stone of Jordan rings to be sold on one instance of a regional server the selling of rings can now be determined by game type and for each region.

For example that any Stones of Jordan sold in a softcore ladder game will count towards the total required to create Uber Diablo. After spawning, all online players in an area will be given the opportunity to compete against Uber Diablo to obtain the highly sought-after Annihilus Charm.

Every class has seen modifications, some more significant than others. The Mercenaries class has seen additional changes, as have some runewords. A few general updates and quite a few bug fixes are included. You can read the full listing from Patch 2.4 notes in this official Blizzard blog post.How to take part in the Diablo 2: Resurrected PTR.

It is true that the Diablo 2: Resurrected PTR is available only on PC. All you need to do is click the dropdown menu above "Play" in the launcher, and then click PTR: Diablo 2: Resurrected and then click InstallYou can swap between the live patch and PTR using similar dropdowns following the installation D2R Ladder Items Buy. If you'd like maximize the enjoyment from Diablo 2 on PC, check out our collection of the top pre-built PCs that are compatible with Diablo 2: Resurrected.