Guide for Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 cheat sheet and comprehensive coverage of The Lost Ark

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During the third and final phase of the game, you will face off against not only a human boss but also a demon boss.

During the third and final phase of the game, you will face off against not only a human boss but also a demon boss. How exactly do you plan to prevail in this conflict? Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's take a look at how things currently stand. First, let's give the Legion Raid Phase 3 our best shot at bringing Vykas down, and then we'll see what happens. This walkthrough and cheat sheet will help you get through Phase 3 of Lost Ark Vykas without having to commit everything to memory. This is because our previous walkthroughs and cheat sheets helped you get through Phases 1 and 2 of the game. Always make sure to keep a close eye on the health bar of the boss character to ensure that they do not take any damage during the course of the battle.



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Scrolling down this page will take you to a condensed version of the walkthrough for Vykas Gate 3, which you can access immediately after the previous section. To get started, I will first provide a detailed walkthrough of Phase 3, and then after that, you can scroll down to find it. This will get us off to a good start.


Because the mechanics that govern special abilities consider the charm bar to be such an important component of those mechanics, let's begin by taking a look at it. If you are attacked by Vykas while you are in Phase 3, the vertical pink bar that appears above your head will fill up. This will happen as soon as the attack occurs. If you are shown this message, Lost Ark gold for sale indicates that Vykas has inflicted some damage upon you. If  Lost Ark gold rises above 70%, which is indicated by the white stripe, you will have the ability to inflict more damage on your enemies; however, as a direct consequence of this, you will also be more susceptible to taking damage yourself. If you use cheap Lost Ark Gold up completely, you will become charmed, get into a fight with your own teammates, and eventually pass away. It is possible to reduce the amount of charm that is currently being used by activating one of the light orbs that are strewn about the battlefield (there are three or four of them, depending on the difficulty of the fight). In addition to that, you can use sleep bombs on teammates who are currently under the influence of the charm in an effort to mitigate the detrimental effects that the charm is having on them. This is done in the hope that the effects of the charm will be cancelled out.

  • When the health bar reaches 175 points, depending on the difficulty, two or three members of the party will experience a slowdown in their movement

  • This slowdown is proportional to the number of health points they have remaining

  • This deceleration is measured in proportion to the number of health points that the target still possesses

  • It is necessary for the players whose movement speed has been slowed down (indicated by a brown circle) to drop their debuffs in a line that is moving towards Vykas at the 9 o'clock position

  • Before Vykas' taunt wipe attack comes in, players who have been given speed boosts (the blue circle) should drop their buffs somewhere else and then head to 9 o'clock to be slowed down there

  • Vykas' taunt wipe attack will wipe out all players who have been given speed boosts

  • The taunt wipe attack that Vykas uses will eliminate any and all players who have been granted a speed boost

  • The taunt wipe attack that Vykas has available will kill anyone who is moving at an unreasonably high speed


When the bar that represents Vykas's health reaches 155, the shadow lord disappears, taking a sizeable number of shadow clones with him. Vykas's health is restored as soon as the bar reaches that point. On the other hand, players will only be able to find swords if they have at least 70 percent of their charm bar filled up at any given time. This is because swords are more powerful than charms. If there is a sword and a shadow clone present in the same location at the same time, then that particular area is considered to be a secure location for the approaching assault.

When Vykas reaches approximately 135 health points, he will begin the typing competition. Vykas's opponent will be chosen at random. The participant who will go up against Vykas in the competition will be chosen later. There is nothing else on your end that is required other than for you to type the letters that are displayed on the screen; this is the only thing that is required of you. It will be much easier to complete the typing challenge if the charm bar is at 0%, so make sure to coordinate with the other members of the team to set aside a light orb for this event. If the charm bar is at 0%, you will not be able to complete the challenge. Because of this, the likelihood of your being successful will increase dramatically. It will not be possible for you to complete the challenge if the charm bar is already at 0% when Lost Ark gold online begins. If a greater number of players fail the typing test, then there is a greater chance that Vykas's subsequent area-of-effect attack will be more devastating (make sure your shields are up!), and the likelihood of this happening increases as the greater the number of players who fail the test. In the hypothetical scenario in which  is successful, Vykas will be surprised for a split second.

Once the party's total health reaches 120 points, in order for anyone to continue living, every member must have a charm percentage of one hundred percent. This is the only condition that will allow someone to stay alive. You should make sure that everyone else gathers around the players who are being affected by the effect as Vykas applies a debuff that increases a player's charm. During this time, Vykas will be applying the effect. Because of this, Vykas will have an increased capacity to apply the debuff in an effective manner.

When Vykas' health bar reaches 105, use a second light orb to lower her charm bar, and then stagger her as quickly as you can (she will be surrounded by an aura that increases her charm). Vykas' charm will increase as a result of this. Following this, she will no longer be susceptible to the aura of charm. You need to make use of a piece of gear that has the ability to stop the passage of time in order to avoid being annihilated by the exploding frog minions.

When Vykas's health reaches level 55, he unleashes a horde of tentacles onto the battlefield to do battle for him. It is not necessary for you to eliminate each and every one of them; however, you should be aware that the charm bars of players need to be at least 70 percent full in order for them to be vulnerable to damage from other players. You should look at the location that is highlighted on the minimap if you want to find out where the tentacles will appear. This will tell you where they will appear.

If the game's difficulty level is set to difficult or very difficult, then the player's health bar will have a multiplier of x40 applied to it. This multiplier will only appear if the game's difficulty level is set to difficult or very difficult. A spawning of four red orbs has been seen to take place in the morning at one, five, seven, and eleven o'clock respectively. A player who has a low charm will need to consume each orb in order to level up their charm; however, this method of leveling up one's charm can only be used by one player at a time. After that, you have to make sure that you keep a consistent amount of pressure on the space bar throughout the entirety of the remaining steps in the process.

When Vykas' health is low, you should be prepared for another stagger check, and you should be careful not to look at the purple clone that is in the middle of the room. Vykas will become more aggressive when his health is low. When Vykas' health is failing, he will exhibit a more aggressive demeanor. When Vykas' health is deteriorating, he will display a more belligerent demeanor. There will be multiple instances of Vykas dispersed across the world, but the only way to determine which one is the real boss is to look for an icon depicting the boss on the minimap. This will be the only way to differentiate between the various instances of Vykas. If you do not find such an icon, then the true boss that you are seeking has not yet been found. Be on the lookout for an additional attack that could be analogous to the one that took place at the HP bar X135!