Classic WoW – Wrath Of The Lich King: Profession Picking Guide

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Engineering in Wrath of the Lich King is a lot like Vanilla. It is simply the strongest profession. It can improve your character both in PvP and PvE situations.

In TBC, many players are discouraged by the difficulty of classic leveling; using boosts, players can skip the tedious work and enter TBC content. These boosts can be controversial, but they're a great way for new players to experience TBC content. However, WotLK is different. WotLK leveling is more refined than its predecessor, with increased mana and ability damage, more realistic HP for boss mobs, and earlier major ability gains. As it's easier to level up, boosts will become a less used option, players preferring to opt for the more interesting questlines that Azeroth and Outland offer. Leveling may be easier, but some classes are better at leveling than others. If you want to play with friends, we'll list the easiest characters and combinations to level up.


When it comes to the play style, Druid is always a good pick. Druids have everything, they can cover all three roles, tank heal and dps. And not only that, they actually have both a melee dps spec and a ranged dps spec as well. It is the only class in game that has all these options. So even if you end up not liking to tank or dps, you can heal. If you don't like to heal and tank, you can dps and even if you don't like to be a melee dps but prefer to be a ranged class, you can respect to boomkin and you're ready to go without having to level an entirely different class. On top of that, since you're a hybrid class, you have incredible healing defensives and dps capabilities in every spec. So it's also a great class for beginners. Druid is also the most mobile class in the game thanks to the shape shifting which will make it much faster while leveling, but also if you're into making gold with gathering professions such as mining and herbalism.


If you want to level to max as soon as possible, choose Hunter. Hunter is the easiest class to level up with in WotLK and is a very popular choice for people that just want to get to level 55 as soon as they can to create a death knight character. Hunter almost never dies, he can kill monsters from afar and the majority of work is done passively by his pet.


Engineering in Wrath of the Lich King is a lot like Vanilla. It is simply the strongest profession. It can improve your character both in PvP and PvE situations.

Some people can even say that if you are not an engineer you are at a disadvantage, especially with these Tinker upgrades:


One of the hardest and slowest to level, while in the same time requiring crazy amounts of materials with the most tedious profession quests. In the Burning Crusade it brought a lot of good craftable weapons, but in Lich King the big thing is the extra sockets.

Socket Bracer and Socket Gloves – for adding something like Agility, Attack Power, Strength, Critical Strike , Dodge etc.


Warlocks call upon dark magic and dark curses to destroy enemies. They are considered a DPS caster class, famous for their debuffs and damage over time effects.

- PvE: Affliction and demonology of the top dog dps specs in a raiding environment. Destro is decent but it is just a worse version of a demonology or affliction warlock, but it does provide the replenishment buff if your raid doesn't already have it from a rep paladin or something like that. Both are great at single target and aoe dps of over demonological wallet definitely is the stronger candidate for aoe dps. They're really slightly behind a mage. Their dps is stronger during the executes phase dramatically, so in longer fights, they will creep up on the logs. But the warlock is a proper pet class now, the play is to always have your pet out.

- PvP: In PVP, we get the new spell called Demonic Circle Teleport where you place it on the ground if you can teleport back up to that location. Affliction will always go for unstable affliction now, it's very overpowered because it silences the healer when they dispel it. Haunt can now also be used to increase all dot damage on the target. Definitely not as tanky in pvp though because we can't soul link and siphon life all specs across the board apart from the prop red spec will spec deeper into their trees, not really that much hybridization of rafflechicken. An affliction wallet goes very well in the mld comp which is magellan druid, shadowplay which is of the shadow priest healer and shadowcleave which is an holy definite healer. Destruction is also very good in the arena, but it's limited to comps that have a lot of control otherwise the destruction walkers isn't going to be able to get those chaos bolts off. It's going to be hard countered by a melee comp for instance. Demonology is just worse than the other specs, it relies on metamorphosis to do a lot of damage but then without it, it is more of a noodle version of affliction or destruction.

Why you need WoW WotLK Gold in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Players need to start preparing enough gold before Wrath of the Lich King appears. In Wrath of the Lich King, we're also introducing a new way of flying called Cold Weather Flying, which you'll need to honor if you really want to fly in Northrend. This will cost you 1000 gold per character. The next gold slot is the Dual Talent Specialization, which allows you to have two different talent sets, which also cost 1000 gold for each character you want, that is, each character that has been changed from the old talent Earn 1000 gold in Specialization and Cold Weather Flight. In addition, if the player wants to transform the role of TBC into Wrath of the Lich King, it will also cost gold, and it will cost 15,000-20,000 gold on the first day.

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