A Quick Guide to Harvard Referencing | Citation Examples

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Harvard University originated a reference style known as Harvard referencing style. This style of referencing is most commonly used in universities in the UK. This paper will discuss the steps of citing sources in Harvard style within the text also called in-text citation as well as refere

In academic writing, all referenced sources must be cited by essay writer service. It enables the readers to find those sources for themselves. Moreover, referencing is important in acknowledging the contribution of other researchers and writers in your study. It is also important to back your claims. A proper referencing of sources makes your work more credible.

Harvard University originated a reference style known as Harvard referencing style. This style of referencing is most commonly used in universities in the UK. This paper will discuss the steps of citing sources in Harvard style within the text also called in-text citation as well as referencing them at the end of the paper.

Referencing facilitates your reader to be able to find the sources you have cited in your paper. Readers appreciate your ability to find sources as well as how well you have backed your ideas through those sources. You are also acknowledging the work of other authors by properly citing them in Harvard referencing style. In other words, you are crediting the authors for their research findings, ideas, and theories that relate to your paper. However, if you fail in properly acknowledging these sources then it may result in plagiarism.


Students who are new to academic writing may find referencing a time-consuming task. Nonetheless, they are required to cite sources they have used in their paper. However, if you are unfamiliar with Harvard or any other referencing style you should not worry. There are many essay writing service providers, who will do this job for you. They will accurately cite sources in Harvard referencing style as well as write your paper if you ask them to. You can also learn how to cite in Harvard referencing style by getting help from the Internet.

For in-text citation, the author's last name and publication year are entered in parentheses after quoting or paraphrasing a source such as (Morgan, 2018). The page number can also be provided where applicable. For instance, a single page uses 'p' while multiple pages use 'pp'. In the case of narrative citation, only the year of publication will be entered inside the parentheses and not the author’s last name.

There may be sources that you utilized that contain more than one author. In Harvard referencing style, if there are two or three authors then cite the last names of two or three authors respectively like (Arthur and Jordan, 2018) and (Arthur, Jordan and Morgan, 2018). However, if there are four or more authors then cite the last name of the corresponding or first author and after that type ‘et al.’ like (Arthur et al., 2018).

Again, some students might find these technicalities difficult to follow. The academic writing process is all about researching which requires going through different sources and then citing them. If you are unfamiliar with all of these, you can still ask a professional essay writer to do the researching, writing, and referencing for you. Every student wants to make his work more credible which is incomplete without citation. So do not waste your time and get your job done.

Your paper may have a common phrase that you have taken from multiple sources. In that case cite all the sources with a semicolon between them such as (Morgan, 2018; Arthur, 2019). When you need to cite multiple sources with the same date and author then simply type 'a' in the first reference after the year (Morgan, 2018a). Similarly write 'b' after the year in the second source such as (Morgan, 2018b).

In Harvard referencing style, a bibliography is provided at the end that consists of all of your referred sources in alphabetical order. For books, the format for the reference list entry would be the author's surname, initial name, year of publication, book title, city, and publisher.

The entries of the reference list differ according to source type. For journal articles, the bibliography in Harvard referencing style follows the last name of the author, initial name, year of publication, article title, name of the journal, volume followed by the issue in parenthesis, and the page number.

When you have provided all the required academic sources, you may also cite a website that you have referred to. In many cases, this is optional. The format of the website in the reference list entry of the Harvard style is the last name of the author, initial name, publication year, page title, and URL.

Composing essays or research papers requires time and patience. Academic writing involves researching. Much effort and time are needed to research, let alone reference. Some students get busy with other assignments, and hence, cannot find time for this. All they have to do is find professional writers and ask them, “can you write my essay?” and they will write them a good quality paper with proper Harvard referencing style. You will not be bothered by researching and referencing and also be able to get a high-quality paper.

Academic writing does not only rely on the experience or ideas of one author but also employs the research and ideas of other sources including journal articles, books, and websites. These are important for the author to support his data. The author may also discuss, analyze, and criticize these sources.

The proper formatting of the paper is also important when writing an assignment that requires you to follow Harvard citations. For instance, level 1 heading, level 2 heading, and so forth. So, make sure to familiarize yourself with the conventions used by your institution as well as various referencing conventions to be prepared to write an excellent paper and reference it correctly.



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