How to earn New World Coins in New World?

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Developer Amazon Games announced that New World has been delayed.

Developer Amazon Games announced that New World has been delayed. This is not the first time New World has been delayed. This disappoints game fans. Their explanation is to provide players with a high-quality game without any errors. The feedback from players who have played the beta makes the developers feel that it is necessary to optimize and improve the game.

The game currency in New World is called New World Coins, which is a very needed necessities for players. New World Coins are almost everywhere, just like the POE Currency used in Path of Exile. There are two ways to obtain New World Coins in the game, one is to cultivate and collect New World Coins, and the other is to use websites such as IGGM to buy New World Coins.

In fact, earning New World Coins in New World is not a difficult task for players. However, players always do not have enough New World Coins for them to use because they are not at ease. Players must pay attention to the subtle details in the game, because it is possible that these subtle details may make the players get what they can't imagine. In fact, there are many ways to Buy New World Coins. Here are a few ways to earn New World Coins.

Looting. Always plunder killed NPC enemies and sell their stock to game suppliers. The looted items are distinguished, and certain items can be sold at a higher price if they are sold or traded to other players in the auction house. Completing Quests. Completing missions will not only get the experience needed for upgrades, but also get rewards in the form of equipment upgrades or New World Coins. If the gear is not needed, the player can dump it at the supplier at any time in exchange for some New World Coins. These are all feasible methods, and players can choose a method that suits them according to their needs.