Here are Some of the Coolest Cars in Hawaii

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You're going to Hawaii, congratulations! You'll find that Hawaii offers some wonderful gems beyond your room, regardless of whether you're there on a work project or moving there permanently.

Many of these incredible spots can only be reached by car if you're staying longer than a resort vacation.

At the end of long highways and bumpy roads lie hidden beaches, wild valleys, volcanic peaks, and thundering waterfalls. Shipping cars to Hawaii is a breeze nowadays, so you can simply drive there whether you're looking for a quick peek or an unforgettable experience. However, what would be the best option when you want to own a car in Hawaii? Would you recommend a 4x4? Want to easily park your vehicle anywhere, and would prefer a compact companion? We look at the coolest cars to own in Hawaii today in this article.

Compact cars

Despite popular belief, you don't really need a 4x4 to cruise the island. The exception would be if you want to go to the top of Mauna Kea or visit Waipio, in which case you can just book a guided tour. The major drawback to owning a 4X4 is the high cost of purchase, maintenance, and excessive fuel (they are less efficient due to their added power and weight).

It might be best for you to opt for a small car, especially if Oahu is your main destination. Because finding a good parking spot can be extremely challenging – and parking spaces tend to be narrower than your average norm, specifically in Oahu – a more physically 

compact the car is, the happier you will be with it; think of all the time you’ll save by not circulating four times for a parking spot!

Electric vehicles

There are so many reasons to drive an EV in Hawaii. Electric vehicles are the newest and latest in motor vehicle technology. In addition to providing a smooth and silent driving experience, they also help the island reach its clean energy goals by reducing emissions. There are now thousands of electric vehicles in Hawaii, so it won't be difficult to find a charging station nearby, and they are extremely affordable.

Taking into account that owning a car in Hawaii is different from owning one in your current city, it may be time to reevaluate your vehicle and determine if it's suitable for your new lifestyle. Would you like to have a summer type car to enjoy the sunshine all the time? Is it more important than the car be large enough to accommodate an entire family? Are you more likely to drive up mountains and down valleys if adventure is your thing? Are you trying to reduce your carbon footprint and preserve the beautiful island by being environmentally conscious? How much do you spend on maintenance and fuel? All these questions must be answered before you begin this exciting new chapter.