Top Easy Ways, Guide to Make Money in WOW Classic TBC

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IGVault WoW TBC Gold Farming Guide: How To Farm Gold in WoW Classic

In Burning Crusade Classic, you will earn a decent amount of money when leveling, but if you want to make more money, you should read this tutorial. Here are some ideas on how to make WOW Classic Gold for Sale in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, so you can fully unlock your gnomish nature. Before proceeding with the list, you should know that you can buy WOW Gold Classic too to save yourself the hassle of earning it through slow methods.

Loot everything

You'll pick up a lot of junk when you loot enemies. You may also be tempted to only loot the stuff that looks worthwhile, but money you can make by selling grey items will soon add up.

Get into the habit of checking how much items are worth on the auction house, too. It may be tempting to sell unwanted stuff to a vendor for convenience, but you may get way more for it by selling to other players.


It doesn’t matter what Profession you have with your character(s); you still have the potential to earn gold. Still, though, you need to reach the level cap as soon as possible. Look at them as an influential investment. Then, when you have what it takes, you can use the Auction House to sell your goods. The easiest way around is to have two gathering professions and sell the new materials when you have enough. Since The Burning Crusade is fresh in the Classic servers, you could sell the items in minutes.

Secondary Professions: With the new expansion, you can earn different materials even with your Fishing profession. Indeed, it might look boring at first, but you’re practically making gold with less effort. Moreover, you need to have at least one character with some of these secondary professions at max level if you want to have everything maxed out.

Auction House

Players who can effectively play the Auction House will often find the most success when it comes to making gold. Almost every player will need to use the Auction House in some capacity, so using it to your advantage to make money off of the game’s population as opposed to feeding gold into it will be a great way to achieve long standing wealth in WoW: TBC Classic.

The best way to make consistent money off the Auction House is to buy raiding materials such as potions and flasks at a low price during the weekend, and then sell them for a higher price after the raid reset on Tuesday. When raids reset during the week, raiders will inevitably be looking for potions and flasks, so sitting on the ones you bought at a low price until you’re able to list them for a high price will net you a ton of gold week in, week out.

In the meantime, if you notice that a specific item on the Auction House, like as a material like cloth or herbs, is listed abnormally low, you can use a similar strategy to hike the price up once you claim the materials for yourself.

Keep in mind that playing the Auction House like it’s the Stock Market could get tedious for some players, and is only a recommended strategy for players who are genuinely interested in turning gold-making into a core part of the WoW experience.


Running dungeons over and over again can also be a fruitful way to secure some gold in TBC Classic. Mainly, you’ll want to be burning through instances with a lot of enemies like the Slave Pens or Shadow Labyrinth, so that you can ensure you’ll get as much passive gold from enemies as possible. On top of the passive gold that each enemy drops, you’ll be able to pick up some sellable items and gear that can add to your total income per dungeon. Rare boss drops that other players in your groups don’t want to hang on to can be sold for some decent raw gold, while bind-on-equip items can either be sold to vendors or listed on the Auction House for some extra gold.


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