Independent Consultant International Development

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Considering our joint strength we can equip our clients with a wide degree of by and large improvement associations.

Set of working liabilities

Considering our joint strength we can equip our clients with a wide degree of by and large improvement associations. Euroconsult's ability lies in land and water assets improvement, ordinary turn of events, development, standard security and the pioneers, regular change tasks and cutoff building. BMB is developed in the arrangement of inventive association consultancy associations outfitted towards public, private and social area movement (clinical advantages and getting ready). Mott MacDonald Limited's overall movement rehearses review ace assistance for water and standard preparation and experience the board recalling key capacities with respect to water assets improvement, huge strain driven turns of events, water and wastewater affiliations and treatment.We work for generally speaking financing foundations like the EU, World Bank, DFID and African and Asian Development Bank. We eagerly delicate for new activities and are usually searching for extra/substitution staff on existing undertakings (long and present second). If nobody truly minds in any case, look at for additional data.

Up-and-comer Specification

Expecting you are an independent prepared proficient and have wide and shown work information in consultancy and overall turn of events, we welcome you to add your CV to our educational assortment. To do in that limit, liberally snap on the apply button under. We are searching for independent specialists including: Project Implementation and Management: (Deputy) Team Leaders, Financial Experts, Procurement Experts, ME Experts, Recruitment and Contract Experts, IT Experts, Database Administrators, Research Experts. Water, Environment and Agriculture: Environmental Experts, Hydrologists, WSS Engineers, Irrigation Experts, Agricultural Experts, Fisheries Experts, Climate Change Experts, Civil/Structural Engineers, Mechanical/Electrical Engineers. Metropolitan Planning: Civil Engineers, Construction Resources Planners, Urban Development Planners. Coaching: Education Experts, Training Experts. Clinical advantages: Health Care Experts, Reproductive Health Advisors, Gender Experts. Public and Private Sector: Institutional Development Experts, Capacity Building Experts, Conflict Area Experts, Economists, Fiscal Experts.

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