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What's the Best Class for Beginners in Diablo 2 Resurrected

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The Amazon, like many Diablo 2 classes, is versatile enough to support the you-can’t-reach-me-but-I-can-reach-you Spear or Javelin playstyle in addition to wielding a

Looking for the best beginners' class in Diablo 2 Resurrected? This guide will help you to decide which class to choose for the first playthrough.

Pick a good starter class

Your first decision upon starting is choosing a class, and unfortunately, the game does about as little as possible to explain what it's like to play as any of them. Aside from a brief description, you're left to make your choice largely based on the look of each class. While you can always roll additional new characters, there's no swapping classes once you make your choice, so any time you sink into a character will be for naught if you decide you'd actually rather play something else. (You can, thankfully, make use of the new shared loot box to move items between characters--no more starting a session, dropping everything you own in town, exiting, and then returning with another character to move items.)

Some classes are better-suited for newcomers than others; Sorceress is heavily dependent on spellcasting and mana, as you'd imagine, and is relatively frail, making it a more challenging character to play solo at the start (although her teleport ability is a real life-saver once you get it). On the other hand, Paladins can take more of a hit and can heal without potions, while Necromancers can summon an army of minions who will not only dish out damage, but more importantly, distract and absorb enemy attacks, helping to keep you alive.

From a pure entertainment perspective, this is an entirely subjective choice, though there's a reason Barbarian was the one returning character in Diablo 3 at launch--Blizzard thought there was real room for improvement with that one. The limited amount of information on the character creation screen doesn't allude to this, but there are numerous class builds and radically different ways of playing as any a given class.


The Necromancer is a tricky class, especially for beginners. This class is very squishy and is not built to tank hits. However, while it can’t take much abuse, played right, the Necromancer can dish out some of the highest damage of any class. This class turns the tides of how Diablo II: Resurrected normally plays, with you getting swarmed by enemies, and has you creating your own small army of soldiers to do the fighting for you. But, you will need to create some dead bodies before you can rise them to fight for you, so his real potential needs time to snowball before it becomes unstoppable.

Our three skill branches are Summoning, Poison and Bone, and Curses. Summoning is the Necromancer’s bread and butter. These skills allow you to form armies of skeleton warriors, mages, and various types of golems. You can also bring back fallen enemies, as mentioned before. This branch is so strong that you could make a great build only by putting points here. Poison and Bone give you some really strong attack spells, such as Corpse Explosion, which detonates any dead bodies on the field, or Bone Spear for direct, piercing damage. Skills in the Curses branch are great supplements for your build. Here, you can learn powerful debuffs that weaken enemies, make them blind, slow them, and plenty of other afflictions.


The Amazon, like many Diablo 2 classes, is versatile enough to support the you-can’t-reach-me-but-I-can-reach-you Spear or Javelin playstyle in addition to wielding a Bow. Javelins can be thrown or used as a melee weapon and the Amazon can even imbue Arrows and Javelins with elemental damage.


Barbarians are very tanky and fight enemies face to face. They have access to Shouts which act as buffs that affects both themselves and party members greatly increasing both defensive and offensive capabilities for a long period of time. They can also increase their affinity with most weapon types, opening up the possibility to numerous and very distinct builds for both PVP and PVE.


As you might guess, the Sorceress class is based around spell casting and is a particularly good choice if you like long-range attacks. Her skill trees focus on three elements: fire, lightning, and ice. Her spells can be pretty powerful, simultaneously smiting enemies while providing status ailments. The Sorceress Frozen Orb build is a recommended route to go down if you want to maximize DPS. Or you could go with a Fire Meteor build, which puts points to Fire Ball, Meteor, and Frozen Orb for greater versatility.


The Hurricane build for druid is one of the most popular since it uses a powerful AOE attack that you can run almost continuously. You can also build as a werewolf or werebear and use the Druid’s summons for aid.

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