Latest Regulatory Trends Impacting the Foliar Spray Market

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The foliar spray market is projected to reach from USD 7.3 billion in 2023 to USD 9.6 billion by 2028 growing at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2023 to 2028

The global foliar spray market will grow from USD 7.3 billion in 2023 to USD 9.6 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 5.5% during the forecast period. Foliar spray is becoming increasingly popular in the agricultural industry due to its numerous advantages over traditional soil-based fertilization methods. One of the main drivers of the foliar spray market growth is the increasing demand for food due to the rising global population. The foliar spray technique is a highly effective way to increase crop yields, as it allows for the precise application of nutrients and pesticides directly to the plant's leaves. In addition to its effectiveness, foliar spray is also more environmentally friendly than traditional soil-based fertilization methods. Because it allows for more precise application of nutrients and pesticides, there is less waste and runoff, which reduces the risk of pollution and environmental damage.

Foliar Spray Market

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Based on Application, the horticultural crops segment is estimated to account for the highest growth of the foliar spray market

Foliar sprays are a common technique used in horticultural crops for various purposes such as nutrient management, disease management, and growth promotion. Foliar sprays are used to supplement nutrients in crops that are deficient. This is particularly useful in situations where soil nutrient levels are low, and plant growth is limited. It provides a quick and efficient method of delivering nutrients directly to the plant, resulting in rapid uptake and utilization. Foliar sprays are also used as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) program to reduce pest populations and prevent the development of resistance to pesticides. Foliar sprays are used to promote growth and development in horticultural crops. Growth regulators such as cytokinins and gibberellins are also applied as foliar sprays to stimulate plant growth, increase fruit size, and improve crop yields.

Based on Form, the Liquid segment is estimated to account for the highest growth of the foliar spray market

A liquid foliar spray is a method of applying liquid fertilizer or other nutrients to the leaves of plants. This technique is used in agriculture to increase crop yields and improve plant health. One of the key drivers of growth of liquid foliar spray is the increasing demand for high-quality crops that are more resistant to disease and pests. Liquid foliar sprays provide plants with essential nutrients and trace elements that help improve their health and increase their resistance to disease and pests. The growing trend towards organic farming and sustainable agriculture is also driving the growth of the liquid foliar spray market, as these products are seen as a more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional chemical fertilizers.

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North America region is witnessing the growth in the foliar spray market due to increasing demand for high-value crops

The demand for high-value crops such as fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants is increasing in North America, which has led to the adoption of advanced farming techniques such as foliar spraying. Foliar sprays help improve the yield and quality of these crops, leading to higher profits for farmers. As more farmers learn about the benefits of foliar spraying, the demand for these products is increasing. Foliar sprays help improve crop health, increase yields, and reduce the need for other inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides. As a result, more farmers are adopting foliar spraying as part of their overall crop management strategy. Precision agriculture is an approach to farming that uses technology such as GPS and sensors to optimize crop production. Foliar spraying is an important part of precision agriculture, as it allows farmers to target specific areas of their fields with the nutrients or pesticides they need. As precision agriculture becomes more widespread, the demand for foliar sprays is increasing. Overall, the foliar spray market in North America is growing due to the increasing demand for high-value crops, the adoption of precision agriculture practices, the development of innovative formulations, the increasing demand for organic food, and favorable government policies.

The key players in foliar spray market include Eurochem Group (Switzerland), Nutrien Ltd. (Canada), Yara (Norway), Israel Chemical Limited (Israel), Coromandel International Limited (India) and The Mosaic Company (US).