Why Study MBBS in Egypt?

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MBBS admission in Egypt has become another important destination for foreign study and education of students. Undergraduates from all over the world aim for Egypt, a socially and culturally diverse country. With a unique and interesting environment, Egypt has recognized and renowned educational institutions. Along with advanced educational instruction in Egypt, it also offers an opportunity to experience the Middle Eastern lifestyle, including a diverse political environment, in a memorable and budget-friendly lifestyle.

Egypt also offers advanced instruction at all levels and offers undergraduates many courses to choose from for further education. In addition, costs are low and many colleges offer grant programs to support undergraduates. Many countries in Africa, including Nepal, encourage their undergraduates to Egypt for scholarships and placements.

MBBS in Egypt is technically a 7-year program that includes 2 years of intensive practical training. According to a statement released by the Egyptian government, formal approval was given to reduce the number of years required to study medicine in Egypt to 5. Apart from this, however, it was clearly stated that the students had to undergo two years of medical training, after which they had to qualify for an examination to determine whether they were ready to be professional doctors. That means investing a total of 7 years of hard work and studies to become accredited as a professional doctor.

The professional experience of these doctors will be counted for 2 years instead of 1 year. This test will be a pass-or-fail qualifying test. According to the amended law, doctors in the country will have to take an exam every 5 years to prove their ability to do their job, the government statement said. The new system will allow students to choose subjects of their choice and provide experience in hospitals in the first year of study. The experience of MBBS's first year in Egypt attracts students to plan medical studies in Egypt. Under the old system, students were allowed to visit patients in the fourth year of their studies.