Things to Consider while Choosing TV Lift

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The value of space comes to the fore, when you have none left. Having said that, compactness of a design is of utmost importance.

Deciding to use a TV Lift or pop up TV is a great choice for your new flat screen television. However, deciding which option to choose and exactly where to put it can be a little overwhelming. We have asked some of our experts at Inca TV Lifts to give you some helpful advice that should make your decision a little easier.


The value of space comes to the fore, when you have none left. Having said that, compactness of a design is of utmost importance. Not only does a cluttered-up space bring in negativity, but also gives a bad impression to the viewers.

If you are using a tv lift cabinets for flat screens, the space would be measured in terms of height, width and even the depth.

If you are using an in-ceiling fold-up lift, then you can free up more space by allowing 3 or 4 inches of overhead depth to allow for more space utilisation.


Lifts should ideally be made from good quality materials, so that they are well equipped to perform the task at hand. In an ideal situation, TV lifts are often made from aluminium and stainless steel, so that they are able to handle the pressure of movement along with the weight of the television.

Different lifts are designed with different quality materials, depending on the usage and the area where they will be fitted.


The weight of a TV lift might be the most overlooked aspect; despite this factor, it is not a feature which should be negated. On one hand, for example, there might be a lift which might be weighing a few hundred pounds but is being used to lift a 50-pound TV only.

The higher the total weight of the lift and the TV, the stronger would be the motor required to lift the total weight. Is that an ideal scenario? The answer is no. In order to cut down on the weight of the TV lift, aluminium is often used as a raw material for designing the body of the lift. The sturdiness of aluminium combined with a reasonably sized motor gives the TV lift considerable strength to lift a moderately sized television set.


Placement of the cabinet is very important. Will it be at the foot of your bed or against the wall surface? TV lift cabinets additionally make wonderful space dividers. If the rear of the cabinet will be visible, think about a cabinet that is furnished up on all 4 sides.

Operation quality

One attribute of home automation has constantly been the need to fit in with the home setting. This has implied that the linear actuators made use of in moving components and have had to sacrifice something in regards to power and overall performance, but they have actually fulfilled their duty in making the home much more elegant and also stress-free for those that live there.

Ideally, your TV lift ought to fit in with these expectations, being silent, running smoothly, and normally being as reliable as possible.

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