Making Gil As a Botanist in FFXIV

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Making Gil As a Botanist in FFXIV

There are many ways to make gil in ffxiv, but one of the best is to keep your crafting and gathering classes leveled up. This can be done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis with your allowances and allows you to be ready for new content when it is released.


Many people choose to pursue a career as a botanist because they have an interest in plants and mother nature. They spend a lot of time outdoors and are intrigued by scientific research. Botanists often find themselves involved in work related to agriculture, horticulture, genetic engineering and even medicine.

A bachelor's degree in a science field is required for most positions, and a degree in a botany-related field is preferred. Botanists can also choose to participate in internships to gain real-world experience in their career path. This is common for college students pursuing degrees in botany or plant biology.

A low-level botanist can make a fair amount of Gil by harvesting basic materials and turning them in to the NPCs at the city gates. However, it's important to know that gathering is generally a waste of time in terms of opportunity cost. The time you spend collecting and placing items on the market is money that could be made by undercutting competitors or killing monsters for rare loot.


If you're level 80 with a gathering class like Botanist or Fisher, it's well worth getting those Gatherers Scrips to boost experience to 150 percent until the point they're no longer useful (the point at which you can't reach your individualized level). Getting all that extra XP can make the difference between struggling and being filthy rich.

Another important tip is to keep your crafting and gathering classes up-to-date with new content. When new items are added to the game, players who have high-leveled Gatherer or Crafter characters can sell them for a fortune. This is especially true of items that are perfect for glamour gear.

For example, the NPC Hismena in Rowena's Center for Cultural Promotion in Idyllshire sells Goblinol and Goblacquer for 10 Poetics apiece. These can be sold to junk vendors for a respectable 64 Gil each. Compared to the time spent putting them on the market and potentially being undercut by other players, this is a very profitable method of making gil in Final Fantasy 14. Just remember that it's not a get-rich-quick method—at least not outside the first few weeks after a major update!


Many players who reach end-game content in ffxiv gil sale begin focusing on cosmetic items like mounts and houses. In order to make these purchases, players need gil. Although it doesn’t impact player progression, making Gil is essential for this aspect of the game.

Fortunately, for those with a gathering class, there is a relatively easy way to make gil in the early stages of Stormblood. The NPC Kozakura in Yanxia is desperate for supplies. She will pay 200% of the merchant price in Gil for any item rewarded by the main quest, including Allagan pieces. Players can also make a good amount of Gil by farming dungeons for rare items and selling them on the Market Board. However, this method may not be as quick as leveling a gathering or crafting class. Moreover, it is not suitable for new players with low levels. Another way to make gil is by selling old gear and materials to other players.


If you have the right connection in FFXIV, you can make a lot of gil by selling items to high-level crafters and gil buyers. You can easily sell logs, cloth and ingredients that are used in crafting gear, food and potions. The more expensive the item, the higher the profit margin will be. However, putting items on the market and fiddling with prices to avoid being undercut can take away from your gil earnings.

Disciples of the Land (Miner, Botanist, Weaver, Alchemist) can also harvest natural resources throughout Eorzea and turn them into valuable produce at a relatively low level. They are not as profitable as combat Jobs, but they still provide a steady stream of income. They are a good choice for new players who want to get their foot in the door with this method of making gil. Just remember to set up your retainers at the best times of day. This will maximize the amount of gil you make each night from all the other night owls shopping on the Market Board.