Canada Goose Sale core

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Canada Goose Sale core


The Expedition is the original extreme weather parka, developed for scientists working in McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Whether your next journey is through a frozen urban jungle or across uncharted ice fields, with the Canada Goose Expedition Parka you get performance that is proven at the South Pole each year by the National Science Foundation division of Polar Research.

But the issue was I didn't like the jacket. Pick a like - minded friend whose love of travel mimics your own, and map out a flexible itinerary based on spontaneous, "let's try here" ideas.

They are are both quintessentially cool for transitional fall weather and winter layering. To explore is to be human, so it feels particularly jarring when our ability to jump up and jet off has been taken away right down to the Canada Goose Sale core.

Sleeveless down - filled cotton - blend canvas overalls in black. "When you have Donatella Versace doing an Instagram post about how she's proudly against the use of real fur, it really tells you that times have changed and that what we consider luxurious has changed," she says.

The Polar Bears International (PBI) logo disc means a portion of proceeds from the sale of this item will go directly to supporting research by PBI and the preservation of polar bear habitats.

In under a year, we've turned our commitments into action by creating our most sustainable parka to date, the Standard Expedition Parka. The Standard, inspired by the iconic Expedition Parka, will help set the standard for the future of outerwear at Canada Goose.