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She tapped into this darker side of femininity, the idea of mermaids caught in nets


The concept was to invite emerging talents to create capsule collections that explored both the brand's now nearly 100-year history and sustainability. Hood by Air's Shayne Oliver and White Mountaineering's Yosuke Aizawa have been guest designers. The frisky and errant attitude of the noughties was met with the arrival of a new type of miniskirt-one abbreviated from the top and the bottom and dubbed the low-rise microskirt. She tapped into this darker side of femininity, the idea of mermaids caught in nets, of constraint and dangerous freedom, with a moody palette of cobalt, navy, burgundy, and gold.

The Fashion Week runways began a month ago in NYC and wrapped in Paris just this week, and in their wake, the spring 22 forecast is here. The muted color palette coincides with relaxed yet impeccably made streetwear pieces; highlights include the reversible bomber jacket and cashmere sweater in an interlocking pattern.

Catsuits got a big endorsement at Saint Laurent-almost half the looks in the spring show were second-skin one-pieces that seem to flatter in just the right places. Earlier this year, The Get published a piece all about clothing that offered what we called the elegant reveal-peepholes and cutouts that exposed only a bit of skin on summer-ready, lightly colored garments.

Model Jasmine Asia has been an avid gamer since she Valentino Shoes was a child growing up in London as the daughter of Bangladeshi immigrants. Although she now gravitates toward games like Call Of Duty, Asia's love of gaming first grew out of fashion games like Bratz's early aughts video games: I'd always be running faster to unlock chic outfits.

There comes a time every so often when you have to look at your closet with a discerning eye and decide which trends are worth holding onto and which are destined to be ditched. To be completely candid, it's not always easy. Looking to the fashion set, the styling options are seemingly endless. Whether worn as a bikini coverup, styled with slouchy, tailored trousers, or worn as a matching set, beach shirts are a key style to own for summer.