Places Where Chicago Cubs Played Before Wrigley Field

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Where did the Chicago Cubs play before Wrigley Field? Let's find out.


The Chicago Cubs played at West Side Park before Wrigley Field (1893–1915). They were World Series champions twice when they played at West Side Park in1907 and 1908. Check out the amazing collection of Javier Baez jerseys and Anthony Rizzo shirts.


The Cubs played at South Side Park before West Side Park (1891–1893). This was an unusual location for the Cubs, as the South Side is normally associated with the White Sox. However, the White Sox would not come to Chicago until 1900. This was the second park in Chicago to be known as South Side Park.


Before South Side Park, the Cubs played at West Side Park (1885–1891). The Cubs who called this stadium home appeared in the 1885 World Series against the American Association St. Louis Browns and they didn’t lose. The series ended in a tie. This was the first park in Chicago to be known as West Side Park.


Before West Side Park, the Cubs played at two different parks known as Lakefront Park. Both of these parks were built on or near the site of the old Union Base-Ball Grounds.


Before Lakefront Park, the Cubs played at the 23rd Street Grounds. The Cubs played there from 1874 to 1877.


During the period from 1872–1873, the Cubs did not exist. However, the Chicago Base Ball Association was formed after the fire to ensure that baseball would one day return to Chicago.