How to Make Gold in WoW Classic - TBC Gold Farming Guide

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Daily quests in The Burning Crusade Classic are one of the easiest ways to gather WOW TBC Classic Gold. While many players complete them to unlock items with their factions and gain re****tion

When a new expansion comes to WoW, there are always tons of new things for players to try. However, with gold being the main in-game currency, you need pretty big pockets to ride all of the “attractions”, even if you have hit the level cap and played through all the quests. If you’re not sure how to ‘grind‘ effectively in The Burning Crusade, you’re in luck, because our WOW Classic Gold for Sale Farming Guide is sure to help you out.

Do your daily quests

Daily quests in The Burning Crusade Classic are one of the easiest ways to gather WOW TBC Classic Gold. While many players complete them to unlock items with their factions and gain reputation, they carry gold rewards that you wouldn’t want to ignore.

Different dailies offer different amounts of gold as rewards. Since you probably don’t have enough time to complete all of them, you should prioritize those that offer more. For instance, the daily dungeon quests in Shattrath provide the highest gold rewards.

Play at the auction house

Buy cheap and sell high.. Unwanted items can be sold at the Auction House (AH) and other players can buy them for gold. On the other hand, if you’re browsing AH and find something cheaper than usual, you can buy it and resell it at AH for a higher price.

This method will help you save time to make money with TBC Classic, but you need enough gold to buy the item before putting it in AH. AH is certainly unpredictable and dangerous, so you can lose some money.

ProfessionsMaking gold through professions will include an element of Auction House usage, but not to the extent of using it like we mentioned in the previous section. Instead, when you make gold through professions, you do so by farming materials yourself from the open world and crafting them up before selling them to other players.

The best professions for material farming include Mining and Herbalism (with Fishing serving as a solid secondary choice), as you can mindlessly traverse the world searching for different nodes of ore or herbs to collect and stockpile. Additionally, there are countless guides online that can point you in the direction of optimal routes through zones that you can follow when farming for materials. With the addition of flying mounts in TBC Classic, getting around zones and farming materials is going to be a lot more efficient of a process than it was in Classic.

Fishing and Cooking

Similar to WoW Classic, fishing and cooking provides interesting bonuses for players who make use of the skills, or have guild buddies to provide them with their benefits. Because of this, the two skills can be very lucrative in TBC. This is one of those ‘difficult to gauge’ combos simply because it’s going to vary from server to server based on a few things; demand, bots (demand), and how many people are already using the skills (demand).

Basically, keep an eye on the market and chat to see if these skills are worth picking up on your server. If they are, great. If not, stick to the next skill.

Farming Stealth Runs

A Stealth Run is typically conducted with Rogue or Druid in the party and is also used for professions including Mining and Herbalism.

Stealth Run Dungeons for Chests will also be insanely lucrative for Rogues as you can obtain rare weapons, items recipes, and rare gems (used for Jewelcrafting), which will be worth a lot of gold in the early game. I guess a Stealth Run for Rogue will be worth 500 gold per hour in the first couple of weeks.

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