low price air covered yarn

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low price air covered yarn low price air covered yarn

low price air covered yarn Production Description Polyester Nylon Spandex Air Covered Yarn Product Name:Air Covered Yarn (ACY) Material:Nylon/Polyester + Spandex Specification: 2075/36F, 2075/48F, 2075/72F 3075/36F, 3075/48F, 3075/72F 4075/36F, 4075/48F, 4075/72F 2020/24F, 2020/36F, 2015/12F 2030/24F, 2030/36F, 2030/48F OEMODM:Support Color:White/Black/Color(base on customer's requirement) We can supply various kinds of yarn such as those shown in the picture. You can also contact us for other types of needs. At present, the price of yarn has been on the rise. If you need it, please contact us! Yarn Factorylow price air covered yarn website:http://www.socks-solutions.com/sock-yarn/air-covered-yarn/