Baltimore could part ways with Ngata

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Baltimore could part ways with Ngata

The Baltimore Ravens have asked defensive tackle Haloti Ngata if they can restructure his contract or take a pay cut many times over the course of the past few years, and they're predicted to do it again during the offseason. In each case, Ngata hasn't been interested at all, but this time it's possible for both sides to go their separate and part ways is a possibility.

According to madden 23 coins buy The Baltimore Sun, the Ravens need to reduce Ngata's cap impact for 2015-16. and if they don't succeed, they could be forced to let the veteran go. Ngata has been a major part of Baltimore's defense for a long time, but his performance on the field is beginning to decline. He's got a cap hit of $16 million and reducing this is more important than simply giving Ngata lesser money.