What do Madden NFL players say about Madden 22?

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The demo in Madden 22 is still one of the most discordant things in the series.

The demo in Madden 22 is still one of the most discordant things in the series. Although some upgrades were made to the pre-match demo, their performance still did not satisfy the players, rather than the feeling of a regular match day. The biggest problem is the appearance of the players and how their game models react when they are not wearing helmets. Although the players’ faces have improved compared to Madden 21 because of the new face scanning technology, the overall look is still not very detailed. It makes players unwilling to spend Madden 22 Coins to pay for it.

This is especially true when playing Madden 22 Face of the Franchise. In addition, all cutscenes are made from in-game assets, so some appearance issues are more obvious in these cutscenes. There are hardly MUT Coins that stand out, and it is hard to believe that this should be the next-generation upgrade that players have been looking forward to. The pre-match flight at the stadium still looks beautiful. Unfortunately, the Super Bowl is still a huge disappointment, and it feels like it cannot be any other game. Apart from the players running on the court and celebrating, there is nothing special.

Compared to last year, Madden 22’s menu has received a much-needed speed increase. When playing modes like Madden Ultimate Team or Franchise, you are constantly jumping between different menus. Having a fast-response menu is a welcome change. Basically on Madden 22 Coins, even in the game, the NFL wants to ensure that players understand “Next Gen Stats.” Black and neon green can be seen everywhere in the game, from the scoreboard to the pop-up window in the game, telling you every little data you usually see on the court. This is a good contact, but it can sometimes feel a little annoying.

EA will continue to add more fresh elements in Madden NFL 22. Players also hope to master these existing functions and gameplay as soon as possible, and then put all their enthusiasm into future promotions. If they need more help, then they can buy more Madden 22 Coins and read more practical guides through GameMS to solve it. Come on!