Bojangles Breakfast Hours & Menu List

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Numerous Bojangles menu things are broiled and high in sodium, and the famous roll dinners contain high-fat proteins and accompany a side of seared potatoes. The mark bone-in chicken feasts and chicken sandwiches likewise have high-fat/high-sodium sides.

To restrict fat and sodium, requesting a plate of mixed greens with barbecued chicken as a principal is the most ideal choice. If you have any desire to make a dinner of the sides (known as "trimmings" at Bojangles), the green beans, filthy rice, and Cajun pintos (for protein) give the best blend. As a result of the quantity of broiled food sources and additives, Bojangles is best for getting a charge out of with some restraint, on unique events. Checking the menu ahead of time can assist you with settling on the best decision for you.The most nutritious Bojangles Breakfast choice at Bojangles is the nursery salad, which is loaded with heaps of new vegetables.

Pick Ken's Sans fat Italian Dressing with 15 calories, no fat, and five grams of starches. Adding barbecued chicken to the nursery salad will knock up your carbohydrate level from 120 to 270 and add five grams of fat, yet it will likewise provide you with a sound 24 grams of protein.You can arrange barbecued or Cajun-prepared chicken sandwiches at Bojangles. All sandwiches come finished off with lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a toasted sesame bun. Bo's chicken sandwich is the most un-sound choice; nonetheless, it has just 100 additional calories than the more nutritious barbecued chicken sandwich.

Barbecued Chicken Sandwich The barbecued chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and mayo has 570 calories, 33g fat, 6g immersed fat, 36g starches, 29g protein, and 1,350mg sodium. You can arrange the sandwich in a combo and pick your "fixin" and drink. The most nutritious combo choices are green beans and filtered water. Bo's Chicken Sandwich Bo's chicken sandwich with pickles and mayo contains 670 calories, 36g fat, 8g soaked fat, 95g carbs, 31g protein, and 1,720mg sodium. With just two chicken sandwich choices accessible, pick the one that best fulfills your taste buds and make a point to arrange a veggie-forward side to keep the whole feast as nutritious as could be expected.

Signature Bone-In Chicken Feasts The mark bone-in chicken at Bojangles is accessible in four different feast mixes. Every dinner incorporates two homestyle "trimmings" of your decision. 3 Wings The 3-wing chicken dinner emerges to 450 calories, 24g fat, 10.5g soaked fat, 24g sugars, 30g protein, and 900mg sodium. Pick the green beans and pureed potatoes and sauce as your sides to make the most nutritious dinner. Leg and 2 Thighs MThe most calorie-stacked chicken feast is the 3-piece leg and 2-thigh combo.

Altogether, you'll consume 1,050 calories, 59g fat, 20.5g soaked fat, 52g starches, 72g protein, and 2,310mg sodium (just from the chicken; these aggregates do exclude sides).  Assuming you partake in the blend and-match chicken piece dinner, think about requesting the 2-piece leg and thigh feast, which will kill almost 430 calories from your feast. Roll Sandwiches You can arrange a singular roll sandwich (not a combo) with any blend of protein fixings: eggs, cheddar, ham, Cajun filet, or wiener. American cheddar will add the least calories, knocking your calorie admission by just 40.