Mushroom Packaging Market to Witness Healthy Growth Opportunities 2028

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Mushroom Packaging is made up using fungi cultured on a medium of husk.

Mushroom Packaging is made up using fungi cultured on a medium of husk, hulls and woody biomass of different agriculture waste including rice, soy and cotton. These waste materials are substrate to which the fungal mycelium, essentially that root system is the fungus is added. EcoCradle is an eco-friendly packaging product made from crop waste and mushroom roots. The technology was developed by Ecovative Design, a U.S. based company that is engaged in the research and development of environment-friendly materials. These materials can be used in various industries including packaging, construction, automotive and consumer products. Ecovative opened a manufacturing plant for the EcoCradle packaging products in Green Island, New York, in June 2012. It is the world’s first packaging facility that manufactures packaging material using mushrooms. The facility also has a research lab and office within the production building. 


The global mushroom packaging market is witnessing sustainable growth owing to high demand of eco-friendly packaging and green solution among consumers. Moreover, the market is further boosted by the development of advanced technologies for mushroom packaging’s. They are convenient, portable, sustainable and custom protective packaging’s which have boosted the overall market. High demand for mushroom packaging in developing regions would further provide significant growth opportunities to this market in the future. However, the global mushroom packaging market is hindered by less awareness and availability of other eco-friendly packaging materials. 

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The report analyses the global mushroom packaging market based on application, distribution channel and geography. 


Based on application, the market is segmented into furniture, industrial equipment, automotive, cosmetic, wine shippers, electronics, glassware and others. Mushroom packaging’s are convenient, portable, sustainable and custom protective packaging presentation which has boost the overall market. These materials can be used in various industries such as packaging, construction, automotive and consumer goods. They serve as an alternative to plastic polypropylenes and can be used as replacement for foam packaging materials made of expanded polystyrene, polypropylene and paper pulp.


Based on distribution channel, this market is categorized into online and offline. The mushroom packaging’s are delivered both online and offline. Ecovative is a New York-based biotech company, which offer sustainable materials using their own Mycelium Biofabrication Platform. This company has partnered with brands like Dell, Ikea, Gunlocke, Bolt Threads, Biomason, and Sealed Air among others.


By geography, the global mushroom packaging market is studied across the countries of key regions such as, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and rest of the world regions which includes Latin America, and Middle East Africa. North America accounted for the largest share in 2018, followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. In addition to this, North America is also projected to grow at a lucrative growth rate over the estimate period, owing to growth in demand of innovative product and eco-friendly packaging’s. Ecovative has expanded capacity in USA and designing future long term plan in regionally. Moreover, countries such as China and Japan are witnessing substantial growth in the mushroom packaging market. Increasing preferences for innovative eco-friendly product packaging’s is likely to boost the market in the future. 


The leading market players of the global mushroom packaging market are Merck Forest, Sealed Air, Rich Brilliant Willing, SPOR, Stanhope Seta and Ecovative Design. Collaborations and geographic expansions are the key growth strategies adopted by the major players to reinforce their positions in the international market. In June 2018, Ecovative Design partnered with Netherlands-based CNC Exotic Mushrooms to exclusively distribute its raw materials in Europe, supporting a growing ecosystem of mycelium-based companies and products throughout the European Union. This partnership with CNC, which produces and distributes substrates used by professional growers of edible exotic mushrooms, allows Ecovative to support companies in the EU who want to create new and better products with mycelium.

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