Ultimate OSRS Slayer Guide from Level 1 to 99

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Slayer in OSRS is an ability that allows players to eliminate a range of different creatures that are found in Gielinor. To begin you must meet with the Slayer master who will give players the task of killing certain monsters , based on the player's combat level.

Slayer experience is about equal to the Hitpoints of a monster killed and is awarded when the player takes down an opponent.


Complete Slayer tasks is among the primary methods to learn combat passively, as Combat experience is still available as normal in fighting Slayer monsters. Slayer is a lucrative skill to develop and could bring you lots of OSRS gold, since high-leveled Slayer monsters, including Slayer bosses, have an abundance of rare and valuable drops.


Before jumping into the guide to levelling, you must be aware of the quests in OSRS which grant you slayer experience. As slayer is a relatively lengthy skill to master particularly in lower levels with the low levels of experience, making use of completing quests in order to increase your speed in those levels is highly advised. Below, you'll find an overview of all the quests available in OSRS that will grant you slayer experience. So, before you head to kill the monsters that are in the game, you might want to try a few quests out!


Here is a list of useful items that will assist you greatly in your slayer journey.


The first is the fairy Ring Teleport System. With the fair ring teleport , you have access to nearly every monster slayer on the map at once. Since slayer monsters are spread across the whole world which makes it easier to navigate to your slayer task. To be able to access the fairy ring teleport system in order to do so, you'll require the fairy ring that is specifically designed for you with either the Lunar or Dramen staff, after starting the Fairy-tale II quest. Remember, after you've completed Lumbridge amp; Draynor Village achievement diary sets, then you don't require the staff.


Next are lunar spells. The book of lunar magic offers a powerful spell - NPC contact. This spell allows you to connect with your slayer master wherever you are. Therefore, you can get instructions, tasks and other info whenever you want, no matter where. Additionally, the lunar magic spell book comes with the spell book swap ability which allows you to gain access the teleports of locations like Trollheim in addition to Ghorrock. To use lunar magics you'll need to finish the moon diplomacy quest.


After that, it's the slayer the ring! The slayer ring, particularly for slayer levels higher, is extremely beneficial, because you can use it to teleport to a vast range of slayer sites, such as the slayer tower and the cave that houses the stronghold. You can purchase the Ring from a master of slayers for 75 slayer points or you can make it yourself by unlocking the ability to craft it yourself (we'll talk about unlock later) with 300 points.


Next next, you can use the Karamja gloves 3 lets you to transfer to Shilo Village. You might be wondering why do you need to visit Shilo Village? In fact, as you'll find out shortly, Shilo Village is the home to one of the top-quality Slayer masters, Duradel. Also, if you've got Karamja gloves 4, you'll be able to travel straight to Duradel. To acquire the Karamja gloves 3 you'll have to finish the difficult Karamja diaries. In order to obtain the fourth-tier version, you'll have to finish those Karamja premium diaries.


The Xeric's Tactic is a highly useful item that allows the player to teleport into various locations in the Great Kourend. While useful for lots of other abilities and skills, the talisman is useful in slaying since it allows you to transport yourself to it. Catacombs of Kourend and there you'll end up in a large amount of time. To obtain the talisman you'll need to kill lizardmen, brutes or shamans. Or, you can take it stones from chests in the Lizardmen Temple.


The slayer helmet is going to be your best friend in your Slayer adventure. The main reason for this is that it grants an increase of 15% in attack and strength increase against Slayer-related tasks. It also combines the benefits of its components, which are: the helmet that spins, the face mask and earmuffs, as well as the nose peg and black mask. If you use it to imbue the Nightmare Zone, it will also provide ranged and magic bonuses. To unlock it, you'll need spend 400 Slayer points for the ability to unlock.


Until you have an slayer's head and a slayer helmet, you must seriously think about the use of a black mask. The black mask gives you a 15 percent boost in attack and strength against monsters in task that requires 10 defence as well as 20 strength, and 40 combat in order to use. If you can use it to imbue the Nightmare Zone, it also grants magic and ranged bonuses. You can buy the black mask from the Grand Exchange or be lucky enough to get it drop from Cave Horrors.


The enchanted gem is a essential item for slayers. All slayer masters sell it for 1 gp. This gem lets you reach your Slayer master at any time to inquire about your current assigned task and also to get tips to help you with the task.


There's also a bunch of miscellaneous items you'll need for a successful fight. yourself from specific monsters. When you reach level 10, the mask protects your from Dust Devil attacks. In level 15, earmuffs protect you from Banshees. When you reach level 25 Mirror shields protect you from Basilisks and Cockatrice. Level 33 is when the unlit bug lantern allows you to attack Harpie Bug Swarms. In level 35, the helmet with a spin helps you defend yourself from Wall Beasts. At level 37, the insulated boots guard you against Killerwatts. At level 57 you can apply the Fungicide spray lets you finish off Zygomites that have been mutated. At level 60, the nose peg protects your from the spectres of Aberrant. At level 75 the rock hammer, as well as rock thrown hammer lets you to take care of Gargoyles.


Slayer Masters

On your Slayer journey will take you to the majority of the Slayer masters in the world. But, in the later levels, you'll mainly receiving jobs from Duradel, or Nieve (also called Steve). We'll meet the entire team!


First up is Turael, who can be found within Southeast Burthorpe. Turael is the very first slayer master which means that there are no obligation to obtain work from him. To reach him, you can make use of the teleport of a games necklace or fly by hot balloons. His work is easy however, you should not spend any extra time working on them. A fascinating fact to know about Turael is that he is capable of replacing the current task assigned to you by another slayer master with his own simpler tasks. Therefore, if you get stuck and you can't skip any of your tasks, make sure you visit Turael!


The next, and most important one, is Krystilia located in Edgeville. There aren't any prerequisites to get work from her with the exception that you must have completed 1 task from another Slayer master in your repertoire. To reach Krystilia you will need an amulet of fame. All of her assignments are found in the Wilderness which means that you'll get extra rewards by slaying the assigned monsters. Keep in mind that Wilderness Slayers are different from standard tasks.