A Complete Runescape Range 1-99 Guide

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In OSRS is a normal but essential skill to develop. From finding high-level monsters to loot to tackling melee players in PvP games it is crucial to keep up to date with the most effective ways to train in range in OSRS. In this 2022 old school RuneScape Range Guide will provide you with t

Why You Should Train Ranged

In OSRS, there are three combat abilities you can choose from. The most secure one is Ranged and has obvious advantages. It's also simple to learn, but it's a grind if you don't know how to get there. Aside from that, you can also make money out of it. To help you out with this, check out our Ranged Training OSRS guide.


The Three OSRS Ranged Styles

There are three different styles of range or attack choices that are worth knowing about:



Accurate gives a +3 unwritten bonus to the Ranged level that increases the accuracy of using this type of. For every point of damage dealt 4 XP for the Ranged level and 1.33 XP at Hitpoints are earned.



It is as the name implies. the Rapid style offers a greater rate of firing, but at the expense of accuracy which means you are less likely to be able to spot. The effect you get is similar to the Accurate style per damage suffered.



The Longrange style will increase the distance from which you can strike. Additionally, it grants an invisible bonus of 3 Defence bonus. For every point of damage dealt 2 XP is earned in ranged, 2 XP Defence and 1.33 Percentage of Hitpoints earned.


What are quick and easy Methods to Train Members and F2P?

What you'll need in order to begin:


Complete range of equipment sets


A lot of arrows/knives

The Method

While there are countless ways to improve your Ranged skills, most of them require jumping through many hoops first. Don't worry! We've put together tried-and-tested techniques to get you from 1 to 99 with the least amount of wasted time possible. Take note that for F2P and members, you should always try to make use of the best equipment you can afford.


Level 1 to 20

Then you'll return to Lumbridge at (you probably guessed you're right) your chicken's coop! When you reach level 10, you'll move over to the cows. The levels will pass quickly as both places are typically busy and crowded, you'll have the chance to pick up a lot of cowhide and feathers in order to add to your cost.


Level 20

When you reach level 20 at which point, it's time to invest in some new equipment if you don't have it. Get some food and go for the Stronghold of Security, where you'll be fighting minotaurs. In accordance with your level, you may have to search for a safe spot from behind the rocks. There are many of options to pick from. So, get cozy as you'll be in this area for a long time.


Level 40

At level 40, it is recommended to go the Hill or Moss Giants for better loot and GP. Players may want to kill the Rock crabs of Glielinor for better experiences per hour. You'll do well fighting Giants until they reach 80 Ranged if they don't wish to relocate for longer than you have to.


Level 50

Members should take the time around level 50 to complete that Animal Magnetism quest if they aren't already. The cape slot item can improve your ranged attack speed and also help you recover ammo. It's worth the to invest in. F2P players can play with Moss Giants until level 60 or so.


Level 60-80

It is also possible to consider grabbing yourself a Rune Crossbow for level 61. This is the preferred weapon for most players up until the time you reach about 85.


For players who would like a challenge and some much better loot than giants, fight lesser demons Karamja. There are also demons trapped inside the Wizard's tower, if you'd prefer. Choose the best arrows you can afford to buy. They are a stronger opponent, however they also drop more items and can be much more fun than mindless giant-killing. They will keep you entertained up to level 80 as well.


Level 85-99

Ankou offers a great amount of experience per hour at the expense of decent loot drops starting at levels 80 to. It's your choice which way you'd prefer to train up to 99 based upon a balance of gold, exp, and your skill level. Ankou and lesser demons are the most commonly used options for players who play F2P.


Players who are seeking the most efficient experience in an hour may prefer combating hordes if maniacal creatures inside the Ape Atoll Dungeon. You'll need plenty of Red Chinchompas that are an expensive investment, but this approach will give you the best experience in the game.


The player also has to complete Chapter 2 of the Monkey Madness II quest. After completing nearly 80 levels in the range and completing this quest, it can provide a much-needed break. In the end, you'll be able to make up any time lost by resuming your training.


Alternate Method for P2P

Levels 1 - 32 - - Questing

Completion of your quests Shadow of the Storm, Death to Dorgeshuun along with Horror of the deep. The Range experience earned through these quests will take you from level 1 to 32, without having to grind out the levels by killing low-level mobs.


Levels 33-55/70 - Killing Rock Crabs

From here on it is possible to kill rock Crabs near Rellekka. The following weapons will give you excellent experience:


Darts, up to the size of

Dorgeshuun Crossbow (level 28)

A top-quality knife to throw with

Broad Bolts and the Rune Crossbow

Levels 45+ Throwing Chinchompas in Ape Atoll

Throwing Chinchompas at the maniacal monkeys of Ape Atoll is the fastest method to increase Range in OSRS. Wear gear to boost Range, and you'll be at 99 in no time.


Levels 75+ - Cannoning Dagonnoths beneath the Lighthouse

If you are bored of throwing Chinchompas attempt throwing Dagonnoths beneath the Lighthouse with a blowpipe to increase your skills to 175,000 exp/hour!


Level 75+ Level 75+ Nightmare Zone

Utilizing a blowpipe along with steel darts at the Nightmare Zone is an affordable alternative to Chinchompas. Utilizing Mithril darts, Sharp Eye Prayer, and Necklace of Anguish could earn you up to 100,000 exp in an hour.


A Bonus Method for Members of the High Level (Huge GP and Exp/Hour)

What you'll need to begin:


High Defense

High Magic

A Dwarven Cannon as well as Cannonballs

A lot of food!

Begin (or be able to finish) the Contact! Quest

A light source - we recommend the Bullseye lantern




Level 40 Prayer (to make use of Protect from Missiles)

Knives or a crossbow , and bolts to get bonus XP

Alchemy Runes

The Method

Our favorite method to train ranged is when you've spent lots of effort, time, and time into your model. It's a process that requires a lot of prerequisites and a good amount of GP before you can begin. Imagine that you're able to fight against levels 393 Scarab Mages and Level 98 Ranging Scarab Riders, and you've successfully completed all of your Dwarf Cannon quest. In that case you'll be able to appreciate the great GP and the hours of exp/hour this training method offers.


Take a trip to Sophanem and begin the quest if haven't completed it yet. You don't have to finish the quest now, but it will provide access to the bank and make depositing your loot a piece of cake. Starting this quest will allow you to access the dungeon inside the abandoned building to the north of Sophanem. Head down the ladders into the catacombs. Choose an area to set up your shop with your cannon.


The prayer to protect yourself from Missiles is highly recommended for this technique as you'll be safe from Ranging Scarab Riders. There's an altar within the city that you can recharge whenever you're required to. It's just the Mage as well as Melee Scarabs to be concerned with. Find a place with only Range and Mage Scarabs and voila! You potentially only have one kind of adversary to face. At the same time, your cannon does much of the hard work.


The method can be used for any level of range from 1-99. Still, your exp/hour will be greatest with the highest grade equipment that has a higher range as well as the cannon. If you're struggling you can use this Protect from Missiles prayer to combat the weak Mages with your preferred combat skills. For us, the best feature of this technique was the crazy number of GP we earned!


The Results

By using this method, we averaged 76,000 exp/hour as well as 700K GP per hour, but we've heard rumors that these numbers can get boosted even higher with potions, a gem bag, and an herb bag. If you do any better than what we did in this OSRS Range Training manual Let us know via the comment section below.


Other methods of making money using ranged

It's not recommended to make profits from your combat abilities However, here are the top five methods when you're required to. They are organized by profit.


Killing Vorkath (Dragon Hunter crossbow) - 3,520,000 Gold

Chambers of Xeric (recommended 90+ Ranged) - 2,821,000 Gold

Killing Demonic Gorillas (recommended 75+ Distanced) - - 2,182,000 gold

Killing the Abyssal Sire (recommended 85+ In-Range) - 1,834,000 Gold

Killed Zulrah (recommended 80+ In-Range) 1769,000 Gold.

This is the Best Ranged Gear

What's the top Ranged Gear for F2P players?

The best range gear is green D'hide and the Maple Bow

You must have a level 40 in range to equip it.

It is recommended to have around 10K of gold to purchase the gear

There are no other conditions

The offering of range gear for F2P players is a bit restricted. Like melee gear, you will reach the cap at level 40. Higher-level equipment is available only to P2P members.


Once you reach level 40 ranged, you should buy the following gear at a the approximate cost of 10K.




Amulet of power

Maple bow

Green hide body

Green d'hide chaps

Green d'hide vambraces

Leather boots

At this level, all of the gear is very affordable. It is recommended to choose an ordinary cape instead of a team cape. It provides the same benefits however the standard cape weighs no weight and is lighter than its 0.4kg mass of the team cape.


Use adamant arrows at this level - it's the most efficient option for F2P players. Each projectile costs around 70 gold, meaning that this could be the most expensive piece of equipment. If you purchase 1,000 arrows, it's still having to pay less than 100K.


Another thing to consider is that there aren't rings that can provide specific benefits. Therefore, this slot is empty in the event that you're a F2P player. There's no other gear available for players who play F2P, and at this low cost, there's no reason to search for a different range gear to purchase.