Study MBBS In Russia

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MBBS in Russia: Russia is considered to be the favorite country to study MBBS. The reasons are many but number one and in most cases the reason is that MBBS is the most affordable country to do. Not only is it affordable, but the country also uses up-to-date and best methods and techniques in a medical study, making it a preferred choice for MBBS students. If we talk about the number, more than 10,000 students are currently pursuing their medical degree in Russia and about 2,000 Indian students are completing their MBBS degree in Russia each year. The good part is the Russian medical science institutes are listed under the WHO. It is well accredited by the MCI representing the Medical Council of India. As mentioned above, it is also one of the cheapest countries to study MBBS from which Indian students can study for a degree in Russia moreover, the good relations between India and Russia make Indian students feel as comfortable in the country as they normally do. The country cannot face any racism. Also, it is easy to make friends there because the citizen of Russia is always helpful. If a student completes his / her degree in Russia, he/she can be confident that they will definitely become a successful doctor as Russian medicine is one of the best medical courses in the world. Even looking at history, doctors who have already graduated from Russia are fine. Students will be offered higher education and the cost of living and other expenses will be much cheaper compared to other countries. The semester system in Russia is similar to that in India and their academic year starts in September-October. Since most universities are in Russian, the only focus is on choosing the right college.


Indian students in Russia
Russia has good economic and cultural relations with India. The country welcomes Indians and there is no racism or any other form of discrimination against Indians. Also, the country has a very affordable MBBS degree and can afford the cost of living and other expenses, which makes it worthwhile to study. Currently, about 10,000 students pursue their bachelor's degree in medical sciences and nearly 2,000 students complete their MBBS degree each year in Russia.