OSRS Gold Making Gold: Fastest Ways to Make Runescape Gold

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Daily runs are a quick and easy method to keep those shiny coins trickling to your bank account. Make sure you’re doing daily farm runs: with ultracompost you can make 150-250k gold a run, with

OSRS Gold in Old School RuneScape is the main currency and as such it is sought after by everyone. Having gold will make your life easier when skilling, PvMing, bossing etc. Basically, everything needs gold and most players are always gold hungry. If you are one of those players or someone who wishes to become an Old School RuneScape billionaire, this guide will go over some of the more unique and interesting, as well as proven Gold Farming methods available in the OSRS. Both low and high-level methods will be featured, so players at every experience level will find something for themselves.

Daily Runs

Daily runs are a quick and easy method to keep those shiny coins trickling to your bank account. Make sure you’re doing daily farm runs: with ultracompost you can make 150-250k gold a run, with each run taking around 6 minutes! Doing birdhouse runs is another easy way to earn extra gold.

When grinding combat XP in the Nightmare zone, you can still earn gold by using excess points to purchase herb boxes from Dom Onion’s Reward Shop. Single box costs around 10k gp, with 15 boxes per day being the limit, you can earn 150k per day without additional hassle!

Killing Blue Dragons

If you've got that Slaying skill up, and every respectable adventurer should, then skip the quiet country life and go dragon hunting. In order for this gold-making technique to be lucrative, combat skills should be at 70 for ranged damage, 80 for melee fighters, 37 for magic users, and a 70 Agility level for everyone.

The dragons drop hide and bones at a high rate, all the while yielding other loot along with plenty of experience points. Dragon bones are a popular way to grind up the Prayer skill, and the Blue Dragonhide Armor pieces give bonuses to ranged weapons and spell hit.

Catching Sharks

Who said that grinding your fishing skill had to be boring? You don't have to put a net in a river or fish in a quiet pond. Go out there and get a few real monsters and make some decent gold while doing it, provided that you have a Membership. Sharks have various uses in the game, as an ingredient for portents that restore health along with a high-level food, both of which are indispensable to players exploring dangerous parts of the game. You need a harpoon and a fishing skill of 76 to fish for them, a Cooking skill level of 80 to cook them, and they'll yield XP for both.

Farm And Bird House Runs

These are repeatable activities that actually require you to farm something in a literal sense. Depending on what skill you want to grind up, or what products are the most lucrative at the time, this can not only help grind up that particular skill but can be changed or rotated to include Hunting, Herblore, or Farming. Integrating birds into this mix can be lucrative, but it takes some patience to set up. Players must be Hunters of at least level 5 and have the skill to build and bait birdhouses, which also requires a Crafting level of 5.


Mining in RuneScape is a well-respected profession that can translate into many rewards. At first, you will probably be limited to mining products like steel, coal, and iron. As long as you go through the process of forging these metals into bars, however, you can still reap a net profit. As you level up you should focus on mining reunite because that is where the real money is. Don’t forget to take advantage of the potions for extraction as well. This way, you can increase your payout without having to increase your labor, which is always a good option.

Herb Farming

Herbs are connected to the Herblore skill, which is useful at any level but essential for higher-level characters and related quests and activities. Herbs need to be cleaned before they can be used to make potions, which is a handy way to grind your own skill level up while producing a lucrative material to either be sold or added as an ingredient to make something even more valuable.

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