Surgical Tourniquets Market Report with statistics, Growth, Opportunities, Sales, applications and Forecast 2028

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A tourniquet is a tightening or compressing device used to control venous and blood vessel.

A tourniquet is a tightening or compressing device used to control venous and blood vessel flow to an extremity for a period of time. Surgical tourniquets empower the surgeons to work in a bloodless operative field by preventing blood flow to a limb and offers surgical procedures to be performed with improved precision, security, and speed. The use of a tourniquet is a standard assistant to current orthopedic careful practice. It is ordinary for both elective and injury surgery. The innovative development in the utilization of a tourniquet to create a bloodless field has remained moderately unaltered contrasted with other increasingly complex advances in present day careful practice. 


Demand for surgical tourniquets is soaring attributed to surge in the number of road accidents and falls. As indicated by World Health Organization, road traffic accidents attributed to approximately 1.35 million deaths every year. Additionally, more than 20 million people suffer nonfatal injuries resulting in disabilities and other health conditions. Besides, the growing number of joint replacement surgeries, the increasing number of ageing populace, and the subsequent growth in the prevalence of degenerative bone disease are the factors responsible for the growth of surgical tourniquets market. The rise of digital orthopaedics will continue to fuel market growth through forecast period. 

Conversely, the risk of infection transmission associated with the use of reusable tourniquets coupled complications associated with the use of surgical tourniquets will restrict the growth of market to some extent. 

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The COVID-19 outbreak China led to the rapid establishment of several hospitals for treating the increasing number of patients. The COVID-19 outbreak will have a negative impact on the Surgical Tourniquets market for duration of period. planned surgeries are being denied to a number of patients, as medical providers are restricted from performing elective or non-essential surgeries in an attempt to preserve resources for treating COVID-19 patients, resulting a drop in demand for surgical tourniquet devices. Nevertheless, post COVID 19 pandemic, these denied cases will be addressed, thereby increasing the demand for surgical tourniquets products.


The report analyses the surgical tourniquets market based on type, application, end user and geography. 


Various types of surgical tourniquets includes tourniquet systems, tourniquet cuffs and tourniquet accessories. The tourniquet cuffs segmented includes pneumatic tourniquet cuffs and non-pneumatic tourniquet cuffs. The pneumatic tourniquet cuffs segment is expected to account the largest market share of the tourniquet cuffs market. This is primarily attributed to the surging use of pneumatic tourniquet cuffs during orthopedic surgeries. Tourniquet systems are medical devices which apply circumferential pressure to a limb in order to temporarily occlude venous and arterial circulation to that particular extremity. The growth of this market is largely driven by the increasing number of joint knee hip replacement surgeries.


Surgical tourniquets finds application in upper extremity and lower extremity procedures. The upper extremities segment includes shoulder, arm, hand and wrist, and elbow. The lower extremities segment includes hip and pelvic, thigh, lower leg, foot and ankle, and knee. The lower extremities segment observed the largest demand of surgical tourniquets attributed to the increasing number of road accidents and falls, surge in incidence of orthopedic diseases injuries.


The major end users of surgical tourniquets are hospitals and trauma centers and ambulatory surgery centers. Hospitals and trauma centers is anticipated to hold major market share attributed to number of patients undergoing treatments in hospitals increasing government support to supply well-equipped instruments.


Geographically, the surgical tourniquets market is studied across the countries of key regions such as, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and rest of the world regions which includes Latin America, and Middle East Africa. North America holds a prominent position in the global surgical tourniquets market owing to large patient population, a growing number of hospitals, rising geriatric population, and increasing healthcare spending and rising geriatric population in this region. Asia pacific is anticipated to exhibit the fastest growth during the forecast period owing to due to favourable reimbursement scenario in Japan and the rising geriatric population, rise in number of hospitals equipped with advanced medical facilities, development of the RD sector, rise in healthcare reforms, and advancements in medical devices.


The major companies operating in the global Surgical Tourniquets market include Zimmer Biomet, Stryker Corporation, Delfi Medical Innovation, Hammarplast Medical, VBM Medizintechnik, Ulrich Medical, Pyng Medical (Part of Teleflex), OHK Medical Devices, Huaxin Medical Equipment Factory, Sam Medical and C.A.T Resources among others. Stryker acquired K2M group Holdings completed in 2018, a leader in providing minimally invasive solutions including tourniquets. Stryker’s acquisitions of 2019 that include companies like Arrinex, Inc., a medical device company and OrthoSpace, Ltd. deals in advanced technology for the treatment rotator cuff tears. All three acquisitions point towards Stryker’s attempts at increasing its market share and influence.

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