Simple Tricks to Get His Attention (Relationship Guide)

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Hanging out with a guy who, for some reason, cannot admit you hurt like a knife.

It might be annoying! It worsens when he is nice to you but suddenly changes and acts rudely. For this changing behavior, you can get his personality test so that you can get to know about his personality.

Still, you need to know how to attract his attention when he ignores you in these circumstances. You must be able to accomplish this without coming across as desperate or upsetting him. This article will guide you on attracting a man who ignores you without looking like you desire his attention.

10 Tricks to Get His Attention in a Relationship

Knowing that he is out of view, going about his daily business, is one thing. But knowing how to capture his interest and hold it for an extended period of time is another matter together. Anyhow, this is how to catch his attention. 

1) Give Him Time and Space

The majority of the time, when a guy abruptly stops paying attention to you, it's because of what's going on in his thoughts. He can question himself, the relationship, or even whether you move too quickly.

This sudden decision to turn his back on you can be the outcome of numerous internal conflicts that he has kept quiet about. Giving him less attention is the first step toward getting him back. You might be surprised to learn that men also enjoy receiving attention.

They occasionally go to great lengths to obtain it, even if it means ignoring you. Turning the tables on him is a method to catch his attention when he ignores you.

2) Think About Improving Yourself

In your profession, life, and other connections, put your attention on improving yourself as a person. The energy you would have focused on a guy is another surefire approach to attract his attention when he is ignoring you.

Why not proclaim the same for yourself and focus on developing yourself when it becomes clear that he would desire some "Alone" time? Additionally, you might want to use this time to improve your self-awareness and cultivate self-love.

3) Learn How to Irritate Him

According to studies conducted over the years, males of numerous animal species exhibit territorial behavior. They use it to designate their territory, ward off rivalry, and ensure the long-term safety of their clans. Here's a fun fact: territorial behavior is not limited to animal species. It also appears in people.

A man does this to show the world you are his and keep other men off his back. When he ignores you, one approach to catch his attention is to make him jealous.

He will become territorial when you make him feel envious. If he doesn't seem interested in you when you both are out, one easy approach to do this is to attempt flirting with other men. 

4) Ask Him for Support

You can always attempt to ask for his assistance if you don't want to go the "Ignore him" path. Even though they disregarded you moments ago, men love to feel useful and respect you.

By asking for his assistance, you let him know that you still appreciate his opinion and that the lines of communication are open.

Asking him about his job (if you both work in the same field) or asking him to assist you with a home repair is the simplest method to achieve this. Just be careful when asking for his assistance not to sound needy.

5) Be Direct and "Ask"

If he stops paying attention to you, one thing you may try is, to be honest with him about it. Here, there is no need to dodge the subject. However, you follow up with him to learn precisely what went wrong. You can text or make a phone call for communication.

In any event, telling him the truth is another method to make it clear that he cannot play with your emotions and expect to go away without being confronted by you. The future? When you do this, he might even take you more seriously.

6) Ignore His Online Activity

He might even feel that now is a great moment to be active on social media just to poke the bear. You may have noticed that he has started to publish more photos of himself on instagram and to make announcements live on facebook every other day.

One technique to grab his attention when he ignores you is ignoring all his social media activity. Although it could be challenging at first, this gets easier with practice. He would be confused because this wasn't your anticipated response. He might eventually come to his senses and try again.

7) Stay Away From the Urge to Be Rude

When he reaches out to you, if you resist him, he can flee and never come back. When he ignores you, it can be difficult to get his attention. When he eventually reaches out, your automatic reaction might be to yell at him. While that is acceptable, kindly avoid being harsh or flippant.

You might not fully comprehend what he was going through or the motivations behind his behavior. You should therefore give him room to do so without fear of passing judgment.

8) Change Up Your Communication Method

What if the problem is just that you've been trying to interact with him in a way that he finds demanding? You've been attempting to text him, for instance, even though he prefers phone conversations or social media discussions.

You might be able to get your boyfriend to open up about things to you and tell you what he likes if you try a new method of communication. However, this references what we have discussed about "Talking things through." how would you know what he is into if you aren't open to having this conversation?

9) Show Off Your Curves

Men are visual beings, according to research. What they observe turns them on. Flaunting your curves is one technique to draw and maintain a man's attention. This does not imply, however, that you should expose a lot of skin to his face (as this can easily backfire).

However, one method to get his attention is displaying a small portion of your body. You might need to examine your wardrobe and fashion sense to do this!

10) Create Eye Contact

Another technique for attracting a guy without speaking to him is to make eye contact. By making eye contact, you let him know you're interested in talking to him and invite him to close the distance between you and him. Steal looks across the room towards him. Although it may seem strange at first, it will work if you use this strategy properly.


Building a strong and healthy relationship requires understanding how to catch his attention when he ignores you. Your relationship will be fascinating once you know how to regain his attention. Ten tricks you must take to regain his attention have been covered in this post. Try each of the ten tricks and see the results. However, please know when to cut your losses and walk away if it becomes clear that he doesn't want to pay attention to you.

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