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Studying in Switzerland is an amazing place. It's famous for chocolate and skiing, but it's also a wonderful place to study. Studying in Switzerland offers a European experience in a developed, yet diverse country. With so many different countries bordering the country, it's a cultural melting pot that's great for an inspiring exploration experience.

Why study in Switzerland?
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Why study in Switzerland?
There are a total of 12 public universities in Switzerland and a smaller number of science and research-specific higher education institutions. You'll find eight of these universities in the QS World University Rankings, the highest of which is ETH Zurich, ranked 8th. All three of these universities are listed in the top 100.

Switzerland considers education very important in the day-to-day success of the country. It believes that this is necessary for its stability in politics and increase in wealth. There are many institutions that focus on specific subjects that are highly specialized and make a great choice for anyone who wants to focus more.

About Switzerland
Switzerland is a beautiful country with some famous sites. From the Swiss Alps to the Jura Mountains, the country has stunning views for all visitors.

Top Tourist Attractions in Switzerland:

Lake Geneva - In the country's third largest city, it has the world's tallest water fountain and many wonderful museums, and excellent restaurants.
Swiss National Park – Located in Gernes, this park covers an area of ​​169 square kilometers and consists of mountains and woodlands with a variety of wildlife, from red deer to marmots. Take some time out from your studies to take in the breathtaking views.
Rhine Falls - Located in Schaffhausen, this is Europe's largest waterfall and boasts beautiful views and a medieval palace, youth hostel and shops. If you're lucky on August 1, the Swiss national day, it hosts a spectacular fireworks display every year.
Studying in Switzerland is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture. Take advantage of Switzerland's location and travel to some of the bordering countries in your downtime.