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Universities in Sweden are on par with prestigious universities in Europe. Eight of Sweden's universities are ranked among the best universities by QS Universities. Not only that, all of them are ranked in the top 350 universities. The country's economy is driven by science and technology, and higher education in Sweden is a perfect reflection of that. Student cities such as Stockholm, Lund, Gothenburg, Uppsala and Umeå are centers for international students, with a large proportion of the population made up of domestic and international students.

English taught programs in Sweden:
Swedish and Finnish are the most spoken languages ​​in Sweden, but a large number of courses are offered in English. In fact, around 900 Swedish universities teach English for international students. Everyone can understand and communicate in English, so there are no communication barriers for international students coming to Sweden.

Student life in Sweden
Student life in Sweden varies depending on the city you are in. Every university has student unions and they are the focal point of activities. They organize various events for students be it drama or sports. Most big cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg are full of opportunities for students looking for nightlife. Students at Swedish universities are very active, and the sports scene is very happening in Sweden, both on campus and in nature.

Study in Sweden for free
For international students, Sweden is not a free country to study abroad. However, for domestic students, students from the EU and Switzerland, universities in Sweden are completely free. Before 2011, universities were also free for international students, but that is no longer the case. Universities in Sweden have partner universities around the world, and if international students enroll in one of the partner universities' programs, students can come and study in Sweden for free under student exchange.

Study requirements in Sweden
There are some basic requirements for studying in Sweden. For undergraduate programs, one must have completed high school. Another basic requirement is English language proficiency. As international students attend English-taught courses, universities ask for some level of English language proficiency. For undergraduate courses, this is Swedish Secondary English Level 6/B.

A basic requirement for a master's degree is a basic requirement for a bachelor's degree, and as with a bachelor's degree, some basic English language requirements must be met. For both bachelor's and master's in Sweden, other requirements vary greatly by course and university students will choose.

Cost of study in Sweden 
Tuition fees for international students in Sweden are different for different courses and universities. The average tuition fees can range from 7530 euros to 12240 euros per year. Other expenses such as books cost 80 euros per semester.

There are also student union fees that one has to pay as membership fees, which are around 10-30 euros per semester. Costs of living vary from city to city, as large metropolitan areas cost more than smaller cities, and where one lives varies. Monthly costs excluding semester fees are around 755 euros including the average monthly rent for Sweden. For non-EU students, there is an additional health insurance cost in Sweden.