Medical Device Coatings Market Boosting The Growth Worldwide: Market Dynamics and Trends, Efficiencies Forecast 2030

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Medical device coatings aids in reducing the friction between medical devices and tissues.

Medical device coatings aids in reducing the friction between medical devices and tissues, provide surface coverage, wetting, uniform adhesion, wear-resistance and coating homogeneity. There has been an enormous growth in the application of coatings onto medical devices in the last few years. Examples of these coatings range from hydroxyapatite, which enhance cell attachment onto orthopedic implants, to antimicrobial silver coatings on catheters, drug eluting coatings on stents and blood compatible coatings such as heparin. These coatings are deposited using processes such as plasma spraying, dipping and spin coating. More recently novel coating techniques such as laser treatments, low temperature atmospheric plasmas and micro blasting techniques have also been developed for the deposition of bioactive coatings.


Medical device coatings innovation is driven largely by the need for better solutions and for greater technological capabilities, and by promising ideas, scientific interest and economic concerns. In addition, medical device innovation is mainly targeted at high-resource countries. To better align medical device innovation with public health needs, increased funding and improved infrastructure is necessary. In addition, better networking among stakeholders may help. Thus, strong demand, positive legislative and technical environment along with solid RD spending and investments into innovation and technical are the main drivers of the exceptional growth of medical device coatings market. 

One of the main barriers to optimal use of a medical device coatings is the mismatch between the design of the medical device and the context in which it is used. An additional problem is lack of proper device management both at government level and within health-care facilities. 

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Various types of medical device coatings are classified into anti-microbial coating, hydrophilic coating, drug-eluting coating, anti-thrombogenic coating and other coating types, like anti-fouling coating, multi-functional coatings, smart coatings, UV-curable coatings, hydrogel coatings etc. Antimicrobial agents are applied on the surfaces on medical implants as they are responsible for destroying microorganisms resulting into improved biocompatibility of the implants or devices. Similarly, parylene polymers offers a thin film polymer coating that is effective in killing the pathogens.


The materials used for these coatings are; metals including silver, titanium and others; ceramics; and polymers including silicones, parylene, fluoropolymers and others such as carbon, tantalum, graphite-like carbon etc. The polymer as a material for coating dominated the global medical device coating market in 2018. Due to silicon’s compatibility with bodily fluids and strong chemical structure the silicon as material for medical device coating market is expected to grow at an appropriate rate.


The medical device coatings find applications in general surgery, cardiovascular, orthopedics, dentistry, neurology, gynecology and other such as ophthalmic surgery, ear surgeries etc. General surgeries hold the largest market share as compared to the other sections. Scaffolds, devices for delivery and fixation, biologic grafts, catheters, guidewires, sutures etc. are the part of general surgeries where these devices are coated with polymers that will keep them corrosion free, pathogen free and will be proving an easy navigation through the vascular tissues, organs etc.


The global scenario for the market is positive driven by a combination of demand and supply side factors. Whereas some regions like North America would have a head start in this regard owing to their economic and development scenario, the fast-growing regions like Asia Pacific would be the outperformer owing to rapidly growing demand for better healthcare and government policies which are focusing on the healthcare sector. China and India would grow the fastest in this region as a result of an increasingly favorable regulatory environment and greater emphasis on improving the coverage and quality of healthcare services. 

The growth of the market in the segment classified as Rest of the World would be tepid owing to the uncertain regulatory and economic scenario. The region includes some of the poorest countries of Africa and Latin America where the demand for better healthcare exists but there is a supply gap due to underdeveloped healthcare infrastructure.


The major companies operating in the medical device coatings market include Surmodics Inc. (United States), Covalon Technologies Ltd. (Canada), Royal DSM (The Netherlands), Precision Coating Co., Inc. (United States), AST Products Inc. (United States), Biocoat Inc. (United States), Specialty Coating Systems, Inc. (United States), Harland Medical Systems Inc. (United States), Hydromer Inc. (United States), Sono-Tek Corp (United States), Kane Biotech Inc. (Canada), Materion Corp. (United States) and Corline Biomedical AB (Sweden) among others.

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