RTL design training | Fpga design training institutes with placement

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Upgrade VLSI’s job oriented ASIC Design & Verification course is designed to give industry standard live experience to a student. Course majorly focuses on giving handson experience in Verilog, System Verilog and UVM using EDA tools. Live projects such as AXI to I2C bridge protocol c

An FPGA contains an array of a hierarchy of “reconfigurable interconnect” and programmable logic blocks making it possible for blocks to be interconnected. Our FPGA design training institute trains students on RTL design skills in required for industries include defense, industrial control, communications, medical, and aerospace. Our courses oversee FPGA architecture, embedded MCU solutions, hardware validation, FPGA configuration, HDL synthesis, and route.

Upgrade VLSI is FPGA design training institutes with placement opportunities. We uniquely designed our course to make it easier for students to acquire a working understanding of FPGA architecture, FPGA image generation, FPGA synthesis, place and route, prototyping hardware, FPGA development tools, and design methodologies.

Reasons Why We Are the Best of All FPGA Design Training Institutes in Bangalore

#1 More About This Training

Our FPGA design training institute in Bangalore is not just based on FPGA alone, it also covers Front end RTL design courses, core RTL design, and ASIC design. If you are in search of a career in the VLSI space, our training is your best option. Our RTL design courses include the following:

Upgrade VLSI is best RTL design training institute which enable our students to design ASIC and RTL chips for high-end technology companies with increased functionalities and specifications. Multiple companies need ASIC and RTL designers to be able to advance in technology. This is the best time as an engineer to learn ASIC design from our ASIC design training in Bangalore which has a track record of verified successes.

 #2 Our Course Learning Outcomes

Our ASIC design training institute prepare engineers who haven’t designed an ASIC before. They will learn ASIC design using the latest tools available. In case you have already bought a FPGA Starter kit from Xilinx, we will show you how to transfer its programming file to the development board.

Below is a compiled list of learning outcomes of students who were trained by us:

  • Students who have been trained by our Institute can confidently create an FPGA project with little or no assistance.
  • Our students can effectively Debug an FPGA design in hardware.
  • They can transfer an FPGA image to hardware without difficulty.
  • All our students can perform FPGA timing analysis (STA) without guidance.
  • Our students can easily perform FPGA synthesis and place and route.
  • They can successfully modify HDL code by themselves.
  • They gain a clear understanding of FPGA architecture as well as design flow.
  • Provide specialized solutions for signal processing and FPGA services.

#3 We expose students to the immense benefits and advantages of FPGA designs

Our FPGA training institutes in Bangalore train students to modify system components and interfaces to specifications and requirements. Early availability of product prototypes helps in shortening the development life cycle of intricate systems resulting in faster market delivery of products.

#4 Our tutors teach students an easy way of converting HDL files to schematic symbols

Active HDL is responsible for the utility that makes it possible for the migration and import of ModelSim projects into the HDL environment. Our RTL design online course trains students on how they can use the Quartus II software in converting HDL to a schematic. This process looks rather tedious but very easy when guided by trained professionals.