What are New World Big decisions?

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There are some very large cycles in the development of New World. When developers plan to adopt a standard game engine setting that is suitable for almost 99% of the games on the market, they hope to increase the horizon by another 4 kilometers, and want to achieve a continuous open world that is always flowing. Players also hope seamlessly transition to the instance area in the game world. Although these are not typical features in games, developers must add these, or at least change them to suit MMOs. And players want to buy some New World Coins to promote their development.

There are some very large cycles. The developers adopted a standard game engine setting that is suitable for almost 99% of the games on the market. They must add these, or at least change them to fit the MMO. If this is correct for New World, then New World Coins are necessary. This takes a long time, and it is not trivial to take part in any aspect. Amazon has always been very supportive. This is what customers want. Although this is a very important technical task, they have always been very clear that if it is right to move in the direction, the players want to play, then do it.

In a battle, the first reason for the number of 100 players is fun enough. The reason we have the scale of the battle is that we tested it until we felt that having more would be a distraction rather than a benefit. We created tactical roles for different players in the combat settings, and finally, to where just organizing this and staying focused is more of a burden than a real fun. In our particular game mode, if you have 200 or 300 people (which we can say can be done), it won’t be so interesting.

There are still trade-offs. The characters in the MMO have quite high fidelity, and the presentation has a lot of rich graphics. When you have 100 characters and many equipment and spells, a lot of things will happen in the animation space. This may be a situation where the potential frame rate on many machines is very low, or even most machines on the market. One thing you have to do, and it is easy for our artists to do, is to come up with various systems to reduce the details. It is unnecessary when it does not prevent the player from understanding what is going on.

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