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His eyes could not help staring at his mother's fat buttocks and as her mother walked it made waves of graceful

His eyes could not help staring at his mother's fat buttocks and as her mother walked it made waves of graceful and seductive buttocks as if it was tempting itself to commit a crime He was looking at his mother's plump buttocks in a trance when he suddenly noticed that her mother stopped at the door of the bathroom and smiled at him "Love it don't you" She giggled and disappeared into the bathroom This must not be true mother really regards him as a lover lover their status has been equal! She used to be his awestruck mother she used to Biochemicals and Pharmaceutical Chemicals spank him for doing something wrong she used to make him clean his room force him to eat vegetables he didn't like not let him go out to play without finishing his homework not let him watch pornography etc Anyway she did everything a mother in the world could do to her child Yes she was his mother but now it was a little different She was not just doing her duty as a mother but more She had seen him as a man a lover the best lover who could make her sexually satisfied rather than a child who could be scolded at will He had hoped that his mother would express even a little regret or shame for their incestuous union but she did not not at all He knew that his mother would not hide her feelings so she really liked the perverse relationship between them now There was already a sound of water coming from the bathroom and he could not help getting an erection as he imagined his mother standing under the curtain of water and letting the water flow through her beautiful body His genitals slowly filled with air and bulged rapidly already waiting for a new charge He prepared snacks and wine and waited quietly for his mother's arrival As if to torture him on purpose his mother stayed in the bathroom for a long time so that he had to drink and comfort his little brother barely resisting the desire in his heart When he finished two glasses of wine the bathroom door opened He poured a glass of wine and raised it to his mother who came over "To the most beautiful woman in the world" He looked eagerly at his mother's beautiful naked body and his face was full of desire Really You must have some intentions for your mother am I right Dai was satisfied with her son's reaction She liked the feeling of being stared at by her son's passionate eyes "Well no I just want to express what a beautiful woman my mother is" He said with embarrassment after all his mother had seen through his mind which made him a little embarrassed "Well let your mother see yours" Dai came to his son and gently untied the towel wrapped around his waist "Oh" she looked at the huge thing under her son's crotch with joy "God son you have the cutest cock in the world" With these words she reached out and held his little brother in her hand gently massaging and rubbing it constantly stimulating its growth Bao couldn't help groaning "Mom's service is great" With a mischievous smile on her face Dai turned around and rubbed her son's meat stick vigorously with her hands while rubbing the body of the stick with her plump hips Bao could not help but put his chest on his mother's hot and naked back and pressed his hands on her plump breasts GlobalChemMall "I love my mother's breasts I love them!" He murmured squeezing them expertly "So soft so sensuous so lovely There must be a lot of milk in them" "I'm sorry son I'm afraid your mother will disappoint you" Dai giggled as her son groped her all over "But your mother can satisfy you in other ways What else do you like" "Let me insert my milk into the coquettish hole mother I want to be able to insert my mother's coquettish hole forever" He squeezed and rubbed his mother's full breasts and expressed his desire in his heart Dai slowly leaned back to the table still rubbing her son's thick meat stick vigorously By the time she had her whole body on the table she was facing her son with her buttocks rubbing his hot stick and moving the food on the table in front of her Then she began to eat but her buttocks were facing his meat stick lasciviously rubbing his son's bulging glans vigorously with her plump buttocks "You know what to do" She asked Continue to eat without looking back "Yes Mom" He began to gasp All right She consciously spread her legs lasciviously raised her buttocks high and exposed her vulva completely in front of her son's desire Bao Se anxiously picked up the meat stick and pushed it between his mother's warm and wet legs The glans Material Chemicals was facing the soft and protruding meat mound Because he could not see it he kept poking hard to test the entrance to vent his desire Dai felt very uncomfortable when she was poked by her son and her buttocks began to swing guiding her son's meat stick to the right entrance so that her son's huge glans was against her hot and wet mouth "Oh okay that's it Come on in kid" She couldn't hold it any longer so she jerked her buttocks back trying to swallow her son's meat stick to relieve the itching in the small holes "Stick it all in mom it's so itchy" Bao did not hesitate buttocks hard thick meat stick smoothly into the mother's tight contraction unusually hot meat hole "Oh my God it makes Mommy so comfortable" she said swinging her buttocks frantically and desperately catering to her son's movements "You make Mommy feel like she's never had sex before It's so beautiful Mommy's life before is really in vain!" "I like dry milk best mother!" He roared slamming his lower body against his mother's white buttocks "I want dry milk like this forever mother!" "You're the best mother***er in the world" she laughed wildly "I can't bear to be away from you" "That's great Mom" Satisfied he jerked the meat stick harder and harder and turned out a lot of obscene water in and out "You can *** your mother whenever you like" she says writhing in pain as the pleasure of her son's long thick meat twitching inside her body becomes more and more intense "Mom can't leave you anymore son Mom wants her son's big penis to stick into her coquettish hole every day Mom is already addicted 。 globalchemmall.com